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Which light bulbs have mercury? A simple answer for safety.

There is a lot of environmental concern about the mercury that's used in light bulbs. Like batteries and other types of everyday items, some contain mercury and if they're not disposed of properly they end up in the landfill and then into our groundwater. It's important to dispose of anything containing mercury in a responsible fashion. As most people know, mercury has some bad health consequences if the levels get too high in our environment. So which light bulbs have mercury in them? That's a common question so let me go through a few types that will have some kind of heavy metal like that as part of its construction. This is the big one, fluorescent light bulbs, any kind of fluorescent light bulbs. They need to have mercury as a heavy metal that vaporizes when electrified to maintain the arc stream within the lamp. Without mercury, a fluorescent light is not going to light up at all. Some of the good news is that many manufacturers years ago started using less mercury in fluorescent lamps. There was a time decades ago where the amount of mercury was not accurately dispensed within the tubes. Sometimes there was so much you could actually see it on the fluorescent light vaporized showing up as black dots. So if you have really old fluorescent light bulbs be aware that you may have more mercury in those. Compact fluorescent also has mercury for the same reasons. Metal halide and high pressure sodium light bulbs also have a certain amount of mercury and some other undesirable heavy metals. I think when I say the term "mercury vapor light bulbs" you instantly know that there's mercury in them. In order to maintain the operation of the lamp it was just something that was necessary. But if properly disposed through recycling, most of the mercury can be captured and eventually reused. This is another reason you may want to consider going to LED light bulbs because they have no mercury in them. It's just one of the many benefits of LED lighting which include lower energy cost, lower maintenance cost and this nice environmental benefit. So keep that in mind if you're trying to be environmentally responsible with the use of mercury and disposing any kind of electronic equipment responsibly benefits us all in the future. As a vendor of batteries we also tell people that they are some of the highest content mercury items today and that especially needs responsible disposal. So that's a quick rundown on which light bulbs contain mercury and how best to handle them. Be careful about installing them and try not to break them because once you have, the mercury is released. It's a very small amount of mercury to be sure but you definitely want to avoid exposure if at all possible.

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John Bolduan

Here's a few examples of lighting products with mercury mentioned above:

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Metal Halide Light Bulbs - Mogul Base
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F32T8 Fluorescent Light Bulbs
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F32T8 Fluorescent Light Bulbs
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