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What is lighting color temperature? Choosing the right one.

What is lighting color temperature? When people ask me this question, I'm as much concerned about what they're trying to light as it is about the color temperature itself. Color temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin and is a scientific way to identify color whether it's lighting or something else completely. But with lighting, the color temperature you choose can affect the way everything looks in the interior space. So when you have a lower color temperature somewhere around 2700K, that's a color we associate as incandescent lighting. The higher color temperatures are something we often associate with fluorescent or HID lighting. Color temperatures that are around 4000K or 5000K are very white and work best when you're trying to have good contrast and the ability to see printed pages well. That's why they're used in offices and business applications. The ability to see something correctly can eliminate mistakes on a very simple level. But if you're talking about your home, then choosing the right color does make a difference for the room. If you have a lot of woodgrain or earth tones, those are best accentuated with lower color temperatures. It looks more inviting and intimate. So as it relates to lighting, color temperature is simply a way to identify the color that a light bulb or light fixture emits. It should not be confused with color rendering or watts, those are completely different things that have little relation to what color the light is. So as you look for products that are on our website and you have to select a color, keep in mind what task you'll be doing under the light itself. Of course, if you're simply looking to replace a light bulb and you need to match that color that you have, the numbers that are on the bulb will tell you what color temperature it is. Still unsure about color? Here's a link to our light color temperature comparison, it should help you understand it more.

I hope that answers your question, let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.

John Bolduan

Here's some lighting products that are color temperature specific:

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F32T8/830/ALTO light bulbs
F32T8/830/ALTO Light Bulbs
Price Each: $8.00
F32T8/830/ALTO Light Bulbs
F32T8/841/ALTO light bulbs
F32T8/841/ALTO Light Bulbs
Price Each: $8.00
F32T8/841/ALTO Light Bulbs
F32T8/850/ALTO light bulbs
F32T8/850/ALTO Light Bulbs
Price Each: $8.00
F32T8/850/ALTO Light Bulbs spacer
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