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Commercial LED lighting fixtures, quality makes a difference.

What are commercial LED lighting fixtures? It can be looked at a couple of different ways. One way to look at it is the type of light fixtures that are used in an office or industrial facility and that's what a lot of people mean when they talk about it. And although that's true, there's also more to it than that. Sometimes what people refer to as a LED commercial light fixture, they might be talking about something that is specification grade lighting. That's the kind of light fixtures that are typically used in new construction and specified by an engineer or an architect. The LED brand quality is higher and the components are made from better materials. When you look for a light fixture at a big box retail store, you're probably not looking at specification grade commercial lighting. On occasion it is, but more often it's a cheapened version that is made for the retail market. And that's not always a bad thing but you can often tell the poor quality of a material or construction in a light fixture of such type. People that use commercial grade or specification-grade LED light fixtures expect high quality and better construction made from finer components. After all, they have to be used for many years to come and continue to provide reliable service well into the future. There's nothing worse than having a poor performing light fixture that seems to be falling apart. That's why we sell LED commercial lighting that is high quality and is often made in the USA whenever possible. It does make a difference for light performance, construction, and durability. For a few dollars more you get a much better light that's going to work for a long time to come. So when you're talking about LED commercial lighting, of course, you could be talking about the type of light but also the manufacturing quality of the light itself.

Various types of LED light fixtures.

There are many different types of commercial LED lights, everything from canopy light fixtures, surface mount LED, wall packs, LED flood lights, LED linear, LED panels, dusk to dawn lights and many more. These various types of categories will apply to different types of lighting applications that they’re used for. Today there are more different types of LED than ever before. And with new forms of LED lighting, that is the physical shape of the light fixtures, you get all sorts of new choices for differing kinds of lighting tasks. That’s been one of the biggest changes in this area of lighting, is the form factors are all changing because you just don’t need so much of a big box to house LED, it can be a much more low-profile as many of you have probably seen out in the marketplace. It's a good lighting solution with improved specifications and better forms, the applications are limitless to replace older energy wasting types of lighting.

A little bit of philosophy.

I want to talk about some of the different things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about replacing existing light fixtures with LED. Most people are taking a look at it from an energy-saving perspective only, and that’s fine. But we also want to make sure that you get the right kind of lighting, and the right amount for your application, not just be concerned about saving energy. I’ve always said, if you save all the energy in the world but you don’t like the result of your lighting project, then you really haven’t saved anything. You’ll either come back later and replace it, sooner than you think or it will have some other adverse implications. You could be a retail store and if your lighting doesn’t look good, that can result in reduced sales or if you’re in an office, bad lighting can give you reduced productivity with the people that work there. So there’s a lot to consider, not just energy savings.

Calculate your savings.
But for those of you who want better energy efficiency, we have many options that will give you this proper balance of both good lighting and energy savings. On the left-hand column of our website, we have a link to our energy-saving calculation spreadsheet. You can download this for free and use this to determine how much energy you’ll save from an existing system that you may have to something that we have that is an LED light fixture. It will give you a place to put all the details of your existing lighting and kilowatt cost comparing it to one of the products you see here. It will give you an estimate of how much you’ll save in real dollars and then a payback time on your investment. This is the time it takes to recoup all that you invested in going to new lighting. There’s never been a better time to look at energy-saving LED lighting and this spreadsheet can give you a good idea of where you’ll be when you make that change. Of course, this says nothing about whether it will be a good lighting job, it has to meet the amount of light you will need to replace what you have, always keep that in mind when doing some kind of an estimate. So you can run this spreadsheet whether you’re doing a comparison from fluorescent fixtures or metal halide lights to LED, it doesn’t matter what the type is, these are just the consumption numbers.

Made for the long haul.
Another aspect of commercial LED lighting fixtures is that they are made for all types of applications whether it’s something indoor or outdoor. A lot of times people think of them for parking lot lighting or work lights, wet location areas where something has a very rugged use. That’s something to consider because these are made to take more abuse and stand up better to weather. The quality of something you buy in a big box store just isn’t the same although on occasion they do have some name brands usually they are not the same quality as something that’s available for commercial end-users. And just because it’s made for commercial users doesn’t mean that you can’t use these in your home if you want. Electrically everything is the same, it’s just that products that we have been made for the commercial market and therefore generally are a higher-quality than products made for the residential market. For residential lighting, it’s all about making it at the cheapest price possible and usually quality suffers as a result. That’s why people are changing light fixtures constantly for their homes because they just don’t last.

Small but important considerations.
When people consider using commercial grade products, it usually means you have to make some informed decisions about the effect that you want to get. Is the color temperature right? Do I need warm white colors or cool white color? Do I need to dim this LED product? There are a lot of things to consider to get a successful lighting job which is the ultimate goal. All the different lighting products that you see on our website have those selections are choices that you can make in things like color temperature, the number of lamps, dimming and light output. It’s something that’s done every day with commercial users and they understand this. If your residential user and you’re not familiar with all the different choices which sometimes happens, you can always call us and we can help steer you in the right direction to get you the lighting that you need for your situation. It’s important to make sure that you’re getting the light right the first time, as it’s harder to come back and make a correction and more expensive. It’s easier to get it right and have them so you can make an informed decision.

How many lights do you need?
There’s another service that we offer for people that are unsure of how many light fixtures they will need. We can do lighting layouts for you see you can see exactly how many light fixtures you’ll need for the task that you have. In order to get the right amount of light, you need to know how many light fixtures you’ll need for the application. If you can supply the dimensions of the room, the ceiling height, what you’re going to be doing under the lights and a few other details, we can give you an idea of exactly how many light fixtures you’ll need to get the right amount of light for your situation. We’ll give you a printout and show you exactly where to put them along with the footcandle levels that you could enjoy once you do the installation. We offer this is a free service when you purchase light fixtures from us. We do that because we use the correct files for the light fixtures that we have. Not all light fixtures perform the same and so we want to make sure that we have control to give you a very good estimate as to how much you’ll need. So all you need to do is email us with that information and we can help you decide what would be best for your situation. I have many years of commercial lighting experience including working as a manufacturers rep. That experience gives me the ability to make some good judgments as to what good lighting is and to be able to give you that kind of information.

Ready for the future.
One of the biggest decisions anyone needs to make when purchasing a light fixture that has LEDs in it is where you’re going in the future. There are some LED lights that have a certain wattage and color temperature and you can never change that. And then there are other times where you can change the lamps inside of the light fixture. If you want something that’s going to be future proof, something you can change the LED lamps in the future, then you want to have something that has removable lamps in it. People often like that flexibility because they want to be able to change color or may be moved to even more efficient LED lamps. These are often less expensive but the effect is no less than some LED options that are permanent with no flexibility. It’s just something to think about which way you should go. In some cases, you won’t have a choice, and other things like office lighting, you will.

How can we help you today?
Once again, call us or email us if you have any questions about anything you see on our website. We are lighting experts and we can help you get the best possible lighting consuming the least amount of energy. We want you to have a successful lighting project and we believe we have the commercial lighting products to get that done.

Let me know if there's anything else we can help you with.

John Bolduan

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