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What is a parabolic troffer light fixture?

A parabolic troffer light fixture is designed for more visual comfort and to reduce glare in an office lighting situation. It has a couple of different features that make it better for this type of control. The lamps are set in deeper inside the light fixture, and the overall depth of the light fixture is more than something like the old prismatic type of lights. Along with that, they come usually with a brushed aluminum louver although there are many types of louver options available. That brushed aluminum breaks up the light so you're not getting glare off of it. It's designed so that the light will go down and not going to your eyes at certain viewing angles. That's the most simple explanation and of course there are many different types of the same light fixture, but that's the basic purpose. There are variations on the louvers as stated before, you can get smaller cubes and larger cells and different materials. It all depends on what you're trying to accomplish and the look that you want to get. These are available in the traditional fluorescent variety but also now in LED. The LED don't have any lamps associated with it most of the time, although there are some on the market that still use a T8 LED lamp. But most of the industry is going for the array of LEDs inside the light fixture itself. This creates a visually comfortable light and when you have many of these in rows in an office, it shields the light so that offending glare is not going to cause people to be less productive. There's nothing worse than working on a computer screen and seeing reflections of light fixtures in that screen. The more you can reduce that, the less eyestrain you'll probably have. It's a type of product that's been around for many decades now but still is very effective as a low cost investment and still getting very good light control. For people that want even better light for an office atmosphere, they might consider some linear indirect light fixtures. But of course those are more expensive than the traditional parabolic troffer light fixture. Whatever light source that you choose whether it be fluorescent or LED, you're going to get great light control and an updated look for almost any offices or facilities that you may have.

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John Bolduan

Here's a sampling of parabolic troffer light fixtures we offer:
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2X2 LED High Efficiency Parabolic Light Fixture
2X2 LED high efficiency parabolic light fixtures.
Price Each: Starting at $158.18
2X2 LED High Efficiency Parabolic Light Fixture
2X2 LED Parabolic Grid Light Fixture
2x2 LED parabolic grid light fixtures.
Price Each: Starting at $121.78
2X2 LED Parabolic Grid Light Fixture

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