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What is a lighting retrofit? A low cost lighting upgrade option.

One of the most common group of questions that we get asked has to do with changing to more efficient lighting. There are a couple of basic ways to upgrade lighting, one of them is getting all new light fixtures with the latest efficiency, and the other is to do a lighting retrofit. So what is a lighting retrofit? The simplest way to explain a lighting retrofit is that you take existing light fixtures and refit them for more efficient lighting. This has many advantages over getting new light fixtures, and that usually has to do with cost. A lighting retrofit almost always has a lower investment than buying new light fixtures although that is not always the case. A lot depends on how you're going to approach it, whether you're going to do it yourself or if you're going to have an electrician install it. Some companies and individuals choose to do the retrofit themselves, others hire professionals to do the work. A lighting retrofit could be anything from a screw in light bulb all the way up to completely rewiring and attaching new hardware inside of a light fixture. Of course, there are many lighting retrofit companies in the marketplace that want to do the work for you, but these days you may be able to do it yourself if you get the right equipment and have that expertise. It's not hard to retrofit a light fixture as many of the kits that are available are made to make it as easy as possible to do an upgrade. As long as you have the existing fixture which is wired to your power, you have the opportunity to do a retrofit and that could save you a lot on an installation. And the purpose for doing one of these is to save energy and money, and getting a good return on the investment. Generally, a lighting retrofit with any applicable rebates will have a faster payback or return on investment than buying new light fixtures. But once again, that is not always the case. Sometimes the rebates are so good with getting new light fixtures that it makes sense to do that if your system is fairly old. That's something you want to consider as well. If you have a really old lighting system, and upgrade is an opportunity get all new light fixtures, and many times that's the way to go if it's really ancient. But if your lighting system is fairly new and just has older inefficient lighting, then a lighting retrofit would make a lot of sense. There are a large number of retrofit kits that are available on the market to fit almost any light fixture that's out there. So there's no reason not to get more efficient lighting when the cost is low and you don't have to rip apart your facility to get it done. Probably one of the best things you can do is to buy the equipment yourself and then contract an electrician to install it. Usually you will pay more money for a package deal of both product and installation labor from a contractor. It's better to keep the products separate as a purchase instead of lumping it all together with the labor. You can keep your costs down that way and have more control of the project getting it done exactly the way you want.

I've had a lot of experience with doing this kind of project and if you're looking for further information that's something I can help you with.

John Bolduan

Here's a sampling of some lighting retrofit kits mentioned in this article:

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LED retrofit light engine
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LED Retrofit Light Engine

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