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What is a high bay light fixture? When it should be used.

This is a question we often get asked when people are looking for a certain type of light for a warehouse or industrial facility. What is a high bay light fixture? And that question is usually asked in the context of what is the difference between a high bay light fixture and a low bay light fixture. High bay light fixtures designed for areas that are about 20 feet and above in mounting height. That design is made to get more light down to the ground than some other kinds of lights that are going to spread the light out more. This becomes critical if you have a facility that has lights that are 40 feet in the air and you have to make sure that as much light as possible reaches down to the floor and whatever task you are doing. A low bay light fixtures used for places that are generally less than 20 feet, but that's not always the case. There are instances where people will use a low bay light fixture when they want to get more light at the top of a rack or something like that in an industrial warehouse. It's one thing to light warehouse rose and it's another thing to properly light a manufacturing facility where people are working with machines and equipment. So high bay light fixtures come in all different types of light sources including LED, compact fluorescent, metal halide and high-pressure sodium. You'll see all types used in many different types of facilities, but when designing or replacing existing light fixtures, you should be careful to consider the least amount of wattage possible for the square footage that you have. In some States like California, they have some stricter guidelines as to the watts per square foot that any kind of new construction can use. So if you have existing light fixtures that you're replacing in their above 20 feet, then you want to use a high bay light fixture as a general rule of thumb and anything below that something like a low bay light fixture. Some of this can be a little subjective but what really matters is the effect that you're trying to get and where you want the light to be directed. If you want it all to go from a high place all the way down to the floor, that's going to be a little different than meeting light at a higher point within the building.

John Bolduan

Here's a few examples of high bay light fixtures mentioned above:

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