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Westgate LED U-Bend T8 EZ3 Replacement Light Bulbs

LED T8 EZ3 U-bend retrofit light bulbs
LED T8 EZ3 U-bend retrofit light bulbs
Price Each: $49.56

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Westgate LED U-Bend T8 EZ3 replacement light bulbs used in 2x2 light fixtures and operate on either T8 instant start electronic ballasts, AC single end or AC double end. This is the most flexible and cost effective way to upgrade fluorescent linear lighting to more efficient LED u-bent tubes. So for those of you who are wondering which light color to use, keep in mind that the 3200K is like a soft white incandescent color and the 4100K is like office lighting white. So if you want something that has a cooler appearance, then the 4000K would be the one you would want to select. In either case you're going to get the same amount of light but some people perceive the whiter color as brighter. In this particular case, there is no rewiring necessary and that's convenient for many people who don't want to do that and simply want the energy savings of LED. But you can rewire so this can operate on 120-277 volt direct voltage. Another thing to be aware of is that these have a high 85 CRI color rendering index so that's going to work well for many types of offices for better contrast and color as well as retail stores.

Product features:
- 15 watts.
- Operates on either T8 instant start electronic ballasts, AC single end or AC double end.
- Used in 2x2 light fixtures.
- 85 CRI.
- Color choice of 3200K, 4100K or 5000K.
- 1500 lumens.
- No mercury, no UV.
- 50,000 hours rated life.
- Replaces existing FB32T8 or FBO32T8 lamps.
- 5-year warranty.
- UL listed.

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