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Westgate LED Outdoor Sign Lighter Light Fixture - 120 Watt - 5000K

Westgate LED sign lighter light fixture with 120 watts 5000K
Price Each: $382.87
Item Number: BLF54466
Westgate LED sign lighter light fixture with 5000K light color for a simple look to create light for signs and displays. It's wet location rated for outdoor signage. It can be used on 120 or 277-volt circuits, and all you have to do is look it up to power, and you're set to go. In the past, people have used sign lighting fixtures that typically used fluorescent light bulbs and all the components associated with that. That led to times when the fixtures wouldn't work so well in cold weather, or some of the parts would fail over time. With the advancement of LED and this type of version in a sign light, you get a perfect combination of something that's not going to be susceptible to cold weather when lighting a sign outdoors. It will be at full brightness and come instant on when it's time to light. Another thing you don't have is the components that you have to maintain later on. Because there are no light bulbs in this light fixture, all you have to do is clean it occasionally like you would any kind of light fixture. We would be talking about external cleaning to remove dirt and things like that that can retard light output on the outside of the fixture. But other than that it's something that you can install and forget it for many years to come. There is no other maintenance to do so becomes an ideal type of sign light fixture. This particular one is 120 watts, and so you're going to get an equivalent to a 400-watt metal halide HID light.

Product features:
- 120 watts.
- 15,000 lumens.
- 5000K light color.
- 0-10 volt dimming.
- 70,000 hour rated life.
- Wet location rated.
- Dimension: 45”(L) x 3”(H) x 4.5”(W)
- UL listed.
- 120 / 277 volt.
- 7-year warranty.

About this product.
At, we believe that good outdoor lighting is essential for the security of any commercial buildings but also for those of you who have a residential home. It makes sense to keep areas well lit because that’s the cheapest form of insurance and the best way to reduce crime or vandalism. The criminals don’t like well-lit areas, and they stay away from them for the most part. That’s why we created a selection of light fixtures from minimal general security lighting to substantial high wattage LED lights that will create a significant amount of light for an entire area. These particular light fixtures don’t have light bulbs, so you never have to worry about changing them again. You’re going to be able to have lower maintenance costs and not have to worry about that as the light fixture will give you many years of excellent performance. Because of the nature of LED lighting with small arrays within the light fixture itself, you will be able to get excellent lighting control and to spread that light however you see fit over an area.

The color of light is essential.
All the outdoor area light fixtures we carry are made from high-quality components and come in various color temperatures such as 3000K warm white, 4000K cool white and 5000K daylight. Most people when choosing outdoor lighting like the 5000K most of the time. The reason they do is that it gives off light the way our eyes naturally use it and is very good with color like natural noontime daylight. At night it stands out, and it does a great job in illuminating in an area, and many people will perceive this broader light is also a brighter light. Unlike older HID sources such as metal halide or high-pressure sodium, these don’t have a color shift of any measurable kind. It’s going to keep its white light appearance throughout the many years of its use. You also have a wide range of light distribution so you can get the outdoor space covered well.

Saving money is a good thing.
Let’s talk about energy savings. You’re going to get a lot of energy savings in real dollars that will hit your bottom line whether you do a one for one replacement or if you decide to use these in a new construction lighting application. If you would like to know how much energy that you’ll save and what kind of paybacks you could enjoy, look on the left-hand column of our website and you’ll see a link to an energy-saving calculation spreadsheet. This will tell you exactly how much energy you will save over time and what kind of payback that you could enjoy for your commercial building or home. It’s simple, and you don’t have to have a lot of light fixtures to see savings. Also, keep in mind that many utility companies are offering rebates which can also lower your payback and you can incorporate that into the spreadsheet calculation so you can see that you’re going to get a much better return on investment. You don’t have to guess how much you’ll save, you’ll know. It’s not an in-depth audit, but it does give you the correct calculation so you will know how much you can save.

Getting better lighting while saving energy.
And even though energy savings are significant, the quality of the lighting job is what you will be pleased about. If you save all the energy in the world and yet your outdoor lighting hasn’t improved, then you haven’t gained anything. It’s important to get a successful lighting project with the right light and the effect that it gives. If you’re unsure of about what you should use in a situation that you have, we can help you with that as we helped many people with projects over the years. We can also run a lighting layout that will tell you how many light fixtures you may need for your particular application, and we carry all the different accessories that are available for all these light fixtures if you need something that’s not just the off-the-shelf item. One of the things to consider is the light spread that you’re going to get. In the past when LEDs first came out, there was some negative with some of the effect of the lighting. Either the LEDs were powerful enough to replace metal halide fixtures for the actual light spread wasn’t good enough to make the same light spread that the site lighting system had. If you are returning these on a one-for-one basis for security lighting, it might be good to talk to us to make sure that what you had before can be adequately replaced with LED. There are some straightforward ways to identify what you have and what kind of light should repair it. It’s not that difficult, and there are some rules of thumb that you can follow to get an understanding of what kind of energy savings you’ll have without a lot of analysis. You’ll also know that the light that you’re getting will make a successful outcome. So you can make sure that you get this higher level of security for your commercial building, shopping malls, parking lots, car dealerships or general lighting with reasonably priced LED pole light fixtures.

How can we help you today?
All of these light fixtures are specification grade, so there is something that would be specified by an engineer or an architect for a project, these aren't cheaply made light fixtures. Some products on the market are very cheap and some low-quality imports that you need to watch out for. We’ve done a lot of that work in finding the best quality light fixtures for the best prices. It is true with LED area lights that you do get what you pay for. If it’s utterly cheap, you can bet that it was some import that was meant for residential users only and it might be something that may not last very long. A lot of the big box stores do that, but we don’t. If we just wanted to sell a cheap light fixture, we could do that too, but we choose not to. Call us or email us if you have any questions about anything that you see here or on our website and we can help you. And if you’re a more significant user or an electrical contractor make sure that you call us for special pricing in a quantity of these lights.
Item Number: BLF54466

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