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High Bay LED Retrofit Light Bulb - 150 Watt
LED high bay light fixtures are for industrial and commercial settings with their bright, energy efficient, and long lasting functionality.

Price: $219.31
Item #: BLF373094

LED high bay retrofit light bulb with 150 watts for many types of warehouse or industrial lighting needs. Replaces a up to 600 watt metal halide commercial light fixtures to save energy. The LED array distributes the light evenly in every direction while providing a certain amount of visual comfort, reducing glare. This LED lighting retrofit offers quality lighting for wide-ranging applications and delivers excellent energy savings compared to linear fluorescent and HID highbay fixtures. There are times when you need more light output in a retrofit for certain types of warehouse or facility lighting. When that happens and you don't want to completely change out the commercial light fixture, then this LED retrofit may be a good choice for you. All you have to do is bypass the existing ballast and screw directly into the voltage of the circuit. It's rated at 150 watts will replace a 600 watt metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamp. That makes it possible to save a lot of energy and get a fast payback without having to change commercial light fixtures and rewire the whole facility. This has a Mogul base so you don't have to change the base either, because if you are using this to replace a higher wattage HID, that's the kind of base that it will screw into. The color temperature is a very comfortable 5000K which most people prefer for an industrial type of situation because it's easier to see with. Reading is much easier and so is seeing part numbers upon shelving and many other kinds of industrial uses. It has a 50,000 hour rating so it's going to last many years without having to do anything other than doing regular cleaning that most facilities do. It can be used on a circuit which is up to 277 volts which should cover most industrial plants or warehouse facilities. It's a good choice to get a lot of light in a small package and get rid of energy wasting HID lamps for far fewer cost.

Product features:
- 150 watt.
- 21,500 lumens.
- Mogul base.
- Replaces up to 600 watt metal halide.
- Dimension L = 8.95" x D = 8.9"
- Applications include manufacturing, warehousing, & other large indoor spaces.
- Voltage: 120/277 (ballast bypass)
- Non-dimmable.
- CRI: >80
- Color Temperature: 5000K
- 50,000+ Hour Life Expectancy.
- UL listed.
- DLC listed.
- 5-year warranty.
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