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LED Linestra light fixtures with various metal finishes for mostly bathroom lighting.

LED vaportight light fixture with color temperature choice and dimming.

LED garage workshop retrofit light.

New LED microwave oven light bulbs for replacement.

Light bulb socket adapters, some limitations to know.

PAR38 side prong flood light bulbs, know when to quit and retrofit.

The difference between black light blue and black light 350 fluorescent light bulbs.

Outdoor vs indoor flood light bulbs, when to use each one.

LED HID replacement light bulbs, the finished look of HID with maximum LED retrofit energy efficiency.

2D light bulbs, is it okay to plug in any wattage available?

Your privacy at

Comparison of various bipin light bulb bases.

The 100/200/300 mogul base 3-way light bulb explained.

Bug zapper light bulbs and the differences between them.

The difference between T5 LED and T5 small fluorescents.

The basic differences between T12 and T8 ballasts.

A basic explaination on 0-10 volt dimming on LED light fixtures.

LED Lumiline type replacement light bulbs explained.

KX2000 light bulbs, get the right base.

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