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Sylvania Dulux L Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

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Sylvania Dulux L compact fluorescent are a type that is much like the old small dulux lamps only much larger. They come in a choice of wattages ranging from 18 to 55 watts and that corresponds to the length of the bulb itself. The wattage and the length are related and will only operate on a specific ballast. These do operate on electronic ballast and sometimes they'll operates several different lamps but you'll need to check the ballast for that information. On the Sylvania Dulux L there is a U-shaped tube which connects at the top unlike some of the other brands. These are often used in things like cove lighting or some forms of linear lighting where there needs to be a high light output and a continuous run of light. And these do have a higher light output then regular fluorescents even though there in a smaller package. They come in a choice of colors to anything from a warmer color temperature such as 3000 K up to something more like a natural daylight. So you can get the right color to match your interior space. To replace these simply pull them straight out gently and sometimes the base needs to be wiggled a little bit to remove it. Over time the base and the lamp can get a little tight. We still carry many fixtures that have this type of bulb particularly in something like a 2x2 light fixture. We can get a very high light output in a very small package like that. Call us if you have any questions about any of these lamps and the possible light fixtures that would utilize them.
Product features:
- Choice of wattage.
- 4 pins in a row.
- Sylvania's trade name is Dulux L.
- Balanced color spectrum.
- Lighting color temperature reference.
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