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Sylvania AR111 Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

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Sylvania AR111 halogen flood light bulbs are used in many applications where a 12 volt low voltage light is needed for precise shielded light. You won't get the glare associated with regular halogen flood light bulbs as this takes the light reflecting it off the back of the lamp. These have been used extensively in display like jewelry or any place where the offensive glare might be an issue. They come in 35, 50, 75 or 100 watt versions with the choice of flood or spot beam spread.

Product features:

- 12 volts.
- Choice of wattage and beam spread.
- 3000 hour average rated life.
- Screw terminal base.
- 2800K light color.

General information.
Many years ago there was a development in incandescent light bulb technology which was halogen lighting. It’s a form of lighting that uses a tungsten filament along with some inert gases inside the capsule and a halogen gas such as iodine. When the lamp burns, the tungsten that is burned off the filament re-combines back onto the filament and that’s supposed to give it a longer life. In regular incandescent lamps, the tungsten filament is just burned off over time. It becomes more energy-efficient as well over the older style incandescent. Halogen light bulbs cover the gamut of many different types of lighting applications everything from track lighting, down lighting and projector lighting. Because it has such a small filament and an intense light, it’s able to be controlled very well by a light fixture housing.

Identifying your halogen light bulb.
We carry all kinds of replacement bulbs, and there are so many different types as they replaced many of the incandescent sources from long ago. He can be a little bit confusing if you’re the average user and you’re wondering how to identify it. That’s where we come in; we can locate nearly any halogen bulb that you may have either by description and identification mark or a picture if you want to email or text that to us. Often when we can see what you’re talking about, it makes the identification very simple because we’ve seen just about everything on the market. When many people change their traditional incandescent to halogen lamps, they notice that the light was also better quality. They could see that it did a better job whether it was a retail store, a home lighting situation or in a commercial business. And because it’s more efficient than traditional incandescent, people were able to save energy and get a payback on the investment of what was usually a higher-priced bulb.

Color and some cautions.
One of the things people have been concerned about when they purchase these from us as a replacement is the color temperature of the halogen light bulb. The colors are consistent across different brands, and you can be assured that it’s going to be very close to what you have now if not the same. It’s kind of a soft white color, typically anywhere from 3200K to 3500K depending on the brand. Most of them stay very close in color because it’s important that it matches up and each manufacturer wants that to happen so they can get that replacement business. You’ll find halogen used in other types of applications as well such as the small under cabinet lights with bi-pin halogen or the screw-in type that are used in some deep downlights, stage lighting or sconce lighting. Regardless of the application that you use these in, be aware that they are a very hot lamp and needs to be handled with care. You never want to change these when they are hot, and you need to let them cool down for a bit before you change them. They’re often seated in porcelain, and that has to do with heat dissipation and the ability for the bulb to withstand the effects of high heat. Keep in mind that if you handle these bulbs even when they’re cold, you should do so with some cloth gloves or some kind covering. This oils in your skin can react with the quartz glass over time and create bubbles in the glass. This will cause an early lamp failure, and so it’s something you want to be careful to do. This is not a problem if you have a halogen lamp that is enclosed by an outer glass envelope like a PAR lamp such as a PAR38 or PAR30. In that case, the outer glass protects the inner capsule from being touched.

Saving money with LED.
Even though we have a vast selection of halogen light bulbs, some people have been switching over to LED technology. It’s a good idea if you have a lot of these because you can save a lot of energy and have them pay for themselves very quickly. Up until relatively recently, LEDs didn’t give quite the light output that was needed to replace halogen. It was always a sacrifice when somebody wanted to change from the older style halogen to LED. That’s no longer the case is the lumen ratings on LED have come up, and it’s a suitable replacement. The savings can be very substantial and if you’d like to know how much you can save correctly, make sure to download our free spreadsheet which is on the left-hand column of our website. It gives you all the information that you need to determine whether changing over to LED make sense for you. People can get swift payback sometimes in a matter of months depending on how they use these. There’s never been a better time to take a look at saving energy and making sure that you’re getting the most for your lighting dollar.

How can we help you today?
For those of you who want to keep using halogen light bulbs, it’s still a good choice because it gives off a particular kind of light that nothing else matches. We’ve seen many retail spaces and restaurants where it still does the best job over any other light source. We always say that if you save a lot of energy, but you lose productivity or customer sales as a result of lighting that doesn’t look quite right, you haven’t gained anything. It’s essential that whatever light source you choose works best for your situation regardless of energy or anything else. Call us or email us if you have any questions about how best to apply these halogens to whatever you may be using now. Also, let us know if you’re having an issue trying to identify what you have and we can help you because indeed we’ve seen it all. If you’re interested in buying these in a bulk quantity, then we can get you an individual quote as well, contact us, and we will get that to you. There are so many different kinds of halogen bulbs, and we want to help get the right one for your situation giving you the best lighting possible.
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