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SOX 135 Watt Low Pressure Sodium Bulbs

Price Each: $340.87
Item Number: BLF101003
SOX 135 watt low pressure sodium bulbs are a special lamps with a base that's unusual here in the US, but was developed in Europe. All these lamps are imported and have specific applications that they've been used for. The color rendering of these bulbs are poor making them a lower choice when color is critical. If you're looking to the greatest light output while saving energy, these are the ultimate, but be cautioned that it's hard to differentiate color under this light.

Product features:

- 135 watts.
- 18,000 hours.
- 30.50" length.
- 22,600 lumens.
- T17 shape.
- Monochromatic light.
- BY22D base.
About this product.
At, we want to supply you with the best quality low-pressure sodium lamps on the market today. These are all first quality lights and have a proven performance over time. Low-pressure sodium is a discharge lamp and one of those light sources that are still used in some forms of specialized lighting today. It offers that monochromatic yellow color that is energy efficient and doesn’t attract bugs. For many decades it’s provided good energy efficiency and continues to do so today. And although there are other light sources like metal halide and LED that have replaced many of them, they’re still used today, and we have an ample supply of this type of light available to you. If you need to replace your existing LPS lamp, we probably have the exact one that you need, and in a quantity price you like. Although many people have made the switch to white lighting, sometimes this lighting is precisely part of the aesthetic appeal of certain types of buildings, street lights, and parking areas.

Let’s talk about the color.
For a long time, you would see these used in Europe along roadways and security areas. That’s where it had its widest use and some facilities here in the United States. One of the reasons many people didn’t like it is because of the color which was monochromatic which means it didn’t have a wide spectrum distribution of light. This made it very hard to distinguish color underneath this type of lighting. If it was in a parking lot, it was hard to tell what colors the cars were and could make it hard to find the vehicle that you drove. But for many building owners, the energy efficiency was significant, and they wanted to maintain that, so they stuck with it. There was another instance where was used which is certain types of dark sky conditions. In cities that have important observatories to look at the night sky, they would often employ low-pressure sodium because it helped alleviate light pollution. Some would say that the color itself was so offensive that it didn’t give an excellent presentation to the building and people have a difficult time at night with color. That’s probably why it was never that popular in the US. It does make an excellent bug light though, in areas where there’s a high concentration of insects, it won’t attract them, and in that sense, it could be a very beneficial light for people who are trying to control that. Another characteristic of his lamp is it slow warm-up time, it starts as a deep red and then turns to yellow as it warms up.

Energy saving possibilities.
If you’re thinking about going to a more energy-efficient LED system, we do have light fixtures that you can replace one for one of your existing low-pressure sodium bulbs. You can do this either through a new light fixture or something like a corn light retrofit. These will work correctly in those type of situations the only thing you’ll probably need to do is bypass the existing ballast and directly wired to power. If you would like to know how much savings that you could get by retrofitting to LED, we do have an energy calculation spreadsheet which you can download for free on the left-hand column of our website. It’s a very simple spreadsheet that gives you an idea as to how much that you will save in real dollars on your electric bill and what kind of paybacks you will enjoy by doing this type of retrofit. The good news is that you cannot only save energy, but you can also replace LPS lights with something that has no more ballast or lamp that will cycle on and off. It will save you a lot in maintenance, and that’s one of the considerations that you can put into the spreadsheet and see how much you’ll save. For those of you who are sticking with the LPS type of light, will have these available for many years to come.

How can we help you today?
If you’re looking for a larger quantity of these lamps, make sure to give us a call or email us for a particular quote and will provide that to you. We want to be your lighting supplier, and we believe in getting you the best possible quality low-pressure sodium lamps available. If you’re unsure of which one you have, which sometimes that can be difficult, we can help you discover which one it is and walk you through it. If you want to send us a picture by email or by text you can do that if you don’t have any information about the bulb itself. From those images, we can often discover which one that you have and get you the right one.

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