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Outdoor Sign Lighter LED Lighting Fixture - 57 Watt

Price Each: $437.98
Item Number: 108475

LED sign lighter lighting fixture with 57 watts and 4000K light color for a functional look to create light for signs and displays. It's wet location rated for outdoor signage. It can be used on 120 or 277 volt circuits and all you have to do is look it up to power and you're set to go. It has an extruded aluminum body that will deliver many years of reliable sign lighting. In the past, people have used sign lighting fixtures that typically used fluorescent light bulbs and all the components associated with that. That led to times when the fixtures wouldn't work so well in cold weather or some of the components would fail over time. With the advancement of LED and this type of version in a sign light, you get a really good combination of something that's not going to be susceptible to cold weather when lighting a sign outdoors. It will be at full brightness and come instant on when it's time to light. Another thing you don't have is the components that you have to maintain later on. Because there are no light bulbs in this lighting fixture, all you have to do is clean it occasionally like you would any kind of lighting fixture. We would be talking about external cleaning to remove dirt and things like that that can retard light output on the outside of the fixture. But other than that it's something that you can install and basically forget it for many years to come. There is no other maintenance to do so becomes really an ideal type of sign lighting fixture. This particular one is 57 watts and so you're going to get an equivalent to somewhere around a 250 watt metal halide light. This is the highest light output we have in this type of sign light and it's for those situations where you have a broader or larger sign or billboard that you're trying to light. This isn't the only type of application, sometimes people can use this on storefronts as well. Because it has a very trim profile, it's perfect for situations where you don't want to have big bulky fixtures in front of the sign to light it up. It will make the whole sign look better and that's why a lot of people have chosen this type of light in the past and into the future with this LED version that's available today.

Product features:
- 57 watts.
- 5700 lumens.
- 4000K light color.
- 0-10 volt dimming.
- 50,000 hour rated life.
- Wet location rated.
- Extruded aluminum finish.
- Dimension: 54.5L x 5.25"W x 3.06"H
- UL listed.
- 120 / 277 volt.
- 5-year warranty.
- Made in USA.
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