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Shatter Resistant Light Bulbs

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Different types of shatterproof bulbs.

Keeping critical areas free of broken glass is the primary purpose of this kind of lighting. The coding on the bulbs is usually some silicone or Teflon coating depending on the bulb and the heat involved. Most of these are incandescent, and fluorescent bulbs and they will not release any glass if they get broken. It’s designed so that all of the glass stays within this coded envelope that’s all around the bulb itself. So if you have areas where people are in close contact with lighting, and there’s a possibility that they might break them through not being careful or straightforward rough use, then this would be a good solution. Sometimes there is such a thing called thermal shock where a very hot lamp will come in contact with a little bit of water. Sometimes that can cause the light bulb to break and shatter. This is particularly important in the restaurant industry where heat lamps are used and having that Teflon coating is critical. All it takes is one break like that, and you may have ruined many different preparations that are being made.

Industrial use.
And it’s true that the food industry is probably the biggest user of different types of shatterproof light bulbs, but there are many other industries as well. If you have high-speed machines or any industrial lighting situations where having any breakage which shut down a process, then this might be something to consider as well. We’ve seen these used in areas that are manufacturing facilities and having some breakage from the lights falling out or something like that can be very costly. It’s one of the cheapest forms of insurance to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that you’re not going to have any unexpected problem from something as simple as a light bulb. These of also are in industrial applications like HID lighting where once again, breakage cannot be tolerated or people are working under these lights, and they don’t want to have hot glass raining down on anybody. It’s common sense to use something like this if all of these things are concerned.

Use them anywhere you need to.
The shatterproof bulbs are made from regular light bulbs but there coated with either silicone or Teflon is mentioned before, so there’s nothing electrically different about these over your regular bulbs that you may use. So that means you could use these in almost any situation that you have or any light fixture that uses regular bulbs. They tend to be more expensive, and they are because they’re not made in mass quantities like the proper types of bulbs. It’s more of a specialty area of the industry where you will have certain manufacturers that make coated products for these type of applications. You can get all the different colors, all the various links, and types for almost any light fixture that you may have. It’s easy to change these as there’s nothing else special to do, replace the lamp. You’ll notice that the coating usually has a rubbery type feel typically except for some of the Teflon which is a smoother texture but still no less valid.

How can we help you today?
If you’re unsure whether you need to use these in a specific area, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and use them. If you need help in identifying the bulb that you have and whether we have it in a shatterproof version, call us or email us with the question you have or send us an image of the bulb that you’re looking for. We’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you need, and for the most part, there’s almost always something available in the type that you’re looking for. As stated earlier, some smaller manufacturers focus on doing shatter resistant products of all sorts and light bulbs is one of those. If you need a more significant quantity of these, make sure to give us a call for that too as we have special pricing for multiple case quantities.
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