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Shatter Resistant Light Bulbs

Shatter resistant light bulbs have a special coating that keeps glass from escaping into the surrounding environment. They are the type that is used in food service applications or restaurants and anywhere a shattered light bulb may cause problems in food production. This may be in a restaurant or an FDA facility. But food handling isn't the only way that these are used. There are many places where a shattered light bulb is not acceptable or could cause a problem. These are sometimes good to use around children who sometimes break things. It's all about safety and the shatter resistant light bulbs will give you the ability to keep what ever area you need, a little bit safer.
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BR40 heat lamps for keeping food or other heat sensitive items warm.
BR40 Heat Lamps
Price: Starting at $4.25
BR40 Heat Lamps
PAR38 amber shatterproof flood light bulbs
PAR38 Amber Shatterproof Flood Light Bulbs
Price: Call for availability
PAR38 Amber Shatterproof Flood Light Bulbs spacer
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