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Satco LED Temporary Construction Light Fixture - 60 Watt

Price Each: $130.90
Item Number: BLF67086
Satco LED temporary construction light fixture with 60 watts for many types of general lighting needs with new building projects and moving them from job to job. LED temporary light makes it easy to plug in everywhere you need light. They can be moved from one facility to another and therefore making them very cost-effective over their life. It comes with a wireframe around them for protection against being damaged by various pieces of equipment.

Product features:
- 60 watts.
- 6000 lumens.
- 5000K.
- Hook.
- Wire guard.
- LED array.
- 120 volt.
- Length: 11 inches.
- Replaces 200 watt HID.
- 360 degree omni-directional light.
- 5-year warranty.
General information.
At, we believe there is a lighting solution for nearly any kind of job or project that you may have. It would be one that fulfills the needs that you have while delivering a better result than you had anticipated. Our LED portable lights are that type of product, something that can provide high light output in a tiny package that you can take anywhere. These come in various forms, but all are energy-efficient and can meet your needs for a portable light source that you need to take nearly anywhere.

Temporary construction lights.
There are several different types of this kind of light fixture, one that is a traditional temporary construction light, another that is portable floodlighting and then string lighting. The temporary construction light is one that usually hung in a construction area where no electricity has been run yet in the facility. It’s made for people who are constructing an interior space and need a light that’s going to be reliable, so they don’t make any errors. And because no electricity has been run in the areas, usually there’s some cord they may plug into or some generator. People like this type of light because it has such a high light output and that’s what most workers needed when there were doing some interior construction. The cob LED can work indoor and outdoor and deliver super bright LED lighting for almost any application. Whether or not you’re in the construction industry, you can use this light in many other kinds of situations. If you’re a homeowner, you may need a light that you can put up almost anywhere and hang it so that you can do specific work in the garage, or possibly the basement, wherever you need a lot of light for doing some work. This will be a better solution than just trying to screw in brighter light bulbs in existing sockets because you can localize the light and put it wherever you want it. And because it’s LED you don’t have to worry about things like vibration taking the lights out. This primarily works well for people that might use this as a trouble light when working on an automobile engine or underneath the car. That also makes it an excellent portable light for things like auto shops as well where a localized light is needed for extremely high light output to see errors or specific parts.

On the road again.
The last type of LED temporary lights is similar to one of the other ones we talked about earlier, only smaller. It’s an LED single head type of rechargeable work light that can either be plugged in or is battery-operated. It sometimes called a rechargeable LED light and most of the time that’s how it’s used. You can plug it into 120 volts and operate it that way. In either case, it’s going to give you the same amount of light, but the portability is more significant than almost anything. With a full charge, it’s able to provide you with many hours of reliable lighting at full brightness or different light levels that you select. So you can use the light at a lesser output and get 15 hours of continuous light if you wanted to. These often come with hazard flashing so people can see from a distance that signal of light. But it’s also used as kind of a camping light where you can flood an entire area with lighting, and this is going to be a lot brighter than some of that cheap stuff that you see at a local store. It’s also equipped with USB ports that you can charge from it, and it has a hanging hook, so it’s a whole light to do almost anything that you need to do. A lot of people keep these in their cars in case they get stuck on the road, or they're used in a camping or RV situation. It’s one of the most flexible lights we carry in something that can be a godsend when things aren’t going right out on the highway.

Saving energy helps in a couple of ways.
We can talk about this type of light without talking about energy efficiency. What makes these such great products is that they have such low wattage requirements that you can put more of these on the same circuit most of the time. So for far fewer watts, you can get the same amount of light output as some of the older incandescent or halogen versions. It’s not so much about the individual energy savings because, in most construction applications, that’s not a concern. But what can be a concern is how many of these you can string together for a larger area. And if you’re power is somewhat limited, then you can take advantage of this lower wattage draw that’s going to give you the ability to have more light in an area instead of having to sacrifice with less. Of course, energy savings might be an issue and if it is making sure to download our free spreadsheet on the left-hand column of our website which will tell you exactly how much you can save over time for your next project. You can replace those old incandescent type of portable lights with LED and get an excellent pay back over time. There’s nothing better than having the energy savings pay for the product you invested in while still getting better light as a result. There’s never been a time where you can get all the light output that you want while using the minimum amount of watts in this fashion. Temporary construction lighting is essential for almost any new building, and it makes sense to use the least amount of energy because it gives you more capacity for other types of electrical needs in that situation.

Get better lighting too.
But it’s not just about energy efficiency; it’s also about getting a great lighting job while you’re saving and energy. We always say if you save all the energy in the world, but the lighting doesn’t look right, you save nothing. In other words, what you gain in energy efficiency you may lose in things that are vital like productivity or increase sales. LED lighting isn’t magic, but it’s a significant improvement over old fluorescent or HID lighting technology. There’s better light control, higher light output and much lower maintenance cost which you can realize over the years. It’s true that almost any improvement you make in lighting will equate to higher productivity and a sense of a positive atmosphere. That’s why LED lights are an excellent choice for almost any one of these situations.

Color can make the job easier.
Another consideration that people need to take into account when changing over to new LED lights is color temperature. Sometimes people think it’s not that important then they will say that you can give me whatever you feel is best, but we don’t like to do that. It’s an individual choice whether you want something that’s going to have a warmer color appearance or something that’s going to be a cooler color. And a personal preference can reflect on how well office functions. You want to make sure that people are pleased with the color of light if you don’t have that you’ll get people grumbling and may be using it as an excuse for not getting things done. Typically the warmer color is something around 3000K; cool white is about 4100K and daylight is 5000K. Most people that use these in a home might be looking at something that would be the warmer color temperature because it works so well with different kinds of earth tones you may have in a house. A lot of businesses though prefer the 5000K daylight color because it’s so good with black and white contrast, reading and visual acuity. These are all things that will help people be more productive, and that will assist in making that happen.

How can we help you today?
Call us if you have any questions about these portable lighting or anything else you see on our website. We want to help you get the best lighting possible, and we have many years of reliable expertise working with commercial and industrial customers, retail, home users, electricians and general contractors. We can help you get the right lighting for the least amount of money. We should also say that if you have a more significant quantity that you need to order, call us for an individual quote and will get that to you. We want to be your lighting supplier and believe that we do have some of the best products made in the USA for your next lighting project.

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