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SATCO LED BR40 Flood Light Bulbs - 12 Watt - 2700K

Price Each: $12.41
Item Number: 40554

SATCO BR40 LED flood light bulbs are a 12 watt, 2700K replacement for other types of BR40 or R40 lamps using far fewer watts. These can be dimmed and are extremely energy efficient, and the latest LED technology with a higher light output. Business and home users will enjoy the 25,000 hours rated life and provide excellent illumination and dimming capability. These dimmable LED flood light bulbs consume only 12 watts of electricity making them extremely energy-efficient for places that have a lot of lights and need to cut down on their electric bill. These are the larger flood lights, 5 inches in diameter across the face and that's going to fill out most recessed lighting such as six-inch downlights. So the LED BR40 flood light bulb is going to look great up in the light fixture, it's going to deliver the right kind of light, and it's going to be fully dimmable while saving energy. For those of you who want the warmest light color possible, then this would be the best choice to be most like an incandescent light color. This works very well for earth tones and more organic colors that you may have in a home or office lighting situation. Because these are most often used in recessed lighting, that's what most people are used to and prefer this color. It gives the area a warm glow and is so much like incandescent light bulbs they replace that most people can't tell the difference. These are also a suitable replacement for those older type of CFL light bulbs that didn't do an excellent job of providing this warm color. This will make the whole area more inviting and work well with most types of colors that people like to have around them. You're going to get a fast payback with this LED light bulb because not only do you save energy, but you also save and replacement cost over time. When that is factored in you're going to reduce maintenance cost in not having to buy more lamps down the road. This also doesn't degrade in light over time as the old compact fluorescent light bulbs did. This will maintain most of the brightness that it has over the entire life of the bulb. And because this is dimmable, we have a list of compatible dimmers that are also listed on this page right underneath the image of the lamp itself. It's a great time to save energy and get the maximum amount of light you can get for the least amount of wattage which is what most people want these days. If you're unsure of whether you need a lower color temperature like this or something that is higher, please give us a call, and we can help you decide what might be best for you either your home or office.

Product features:
- 12 watts.
- 940 lumens.
- 120 volt.
- 2700K light color.
- 25,000 average rated life.
- Replaces 65-watt incandescent.
- Dimmable.
- Medium base.

General information.
At, we provide some of the highest quality LED lights in America, products that are going to last you a long time in the future. We want to make sure the quality that we deliver not only gives you excellent energy savings that give you the kind of performance that you’re expecting from something that usually costs more. These BR40 lights are just one of the products that we carry that can produce light that’s going to replace the old halogen or incandescent lights that you may have. So the energy savings is going to be very substantial while giving you what we believe is a better lighting job at the same time. These typically screw-in existing sockets or track lighting and will provide you with the same effect as what you’re used to having now.

Saving money is always a good thing.
One of the primary considerations of going to BR40 bulbs is the energy savings which can be as high as 90 percent over an incandescent type of floods. With that kind of energy efficiency, you’re going to get a swift payback in any investment you make. It could be just a few of these or could be a more significant quantity; it doesn’t matter your payback is going to be the same. If you want to know how much you can save in real dollars, make sure you download the free spreadsheet that we have on the left-hand column of our website. It’s an energy-saving calculation spreadsheet and gives you everything you need to compare an existing lighting system that you may have right now to one of our LED BR40’s. All you have to do is input the correct data of what you have right now, your kilowatt cost and how many hours a day you run the system. Then just put in data for the light bulb you’re considering from our website,  and it will calculate the savings that you’ll get and the payback time. That’s the amount of time it takes for you to recoup the investment you made in the new lighting that you purchased from us. Keep in mind that many energy utility companies have rebates for making the switch to something that’s more energy-efficient. These can be quite lucrative and reduce your payback even further making it an easy decision to go with more efficient LED lighting.

Good lighting is the goal.
Although energy savings is significant for any decision like this, getting better lighting should also be something to take into consideration. You can improve your lighting whether it be a retail store, and office or some simple down lighting. Most of these offer the flexibility of being a dimmable light bulb and will keep that warm white color of either halogen or incandescent. Although most people associate LED flood lights with a bright white color, this warmer version is also available in many people like that for a lot of interior spaces because it’s it’s very similar to those older sources of light. Most of these are Energy Star rated, and they have a very high color rendering, some above 90 CRI. So you’re going to get this excellent performance that is very similar to what you had before. In making a switch, you’re not going to have to sacrifice it all to get energy efficiency. Even the beam angles are very similar which can be an important consideration if you’re talking about something like a retail store. A lot of retail has made some switch to more efficient LED, but this is one of the most apparent retrofit's that’s going to give you the best return on investment. The bottom line is there is no sacrifice in going to something like these warm white 2700K LED bulbs because their effect is so close to the halogen or incandescent. We should mention that these also come in 3000K soft white, 4000K cool white and 5000K daylight colors for any interior space.

Maybe you need a new light fixture?
If you’re looking for light fixtures for these type of lamps, we have those as well. These are the larger size flood light that most people are used to for things like track lighting, but it’s also used for something as humble as an outdoor flood light that many people have in their homes. If you need a light fixture this going to house this, we’ve got some different ideas for you. But what often happens these days is that people get a light fixture with an integral LED where there’s no bulb ever to replace. But if you want the flexibility of having a bulb that you can change to something that’s higher light output in the future or a different color light, you would have that flexibility with the kind of light fixture that houses a bulb. So we can get it done, either way, it all depends on what type of approach you want to take with either your existing lighting system or something that you’re thinking about it could be brand-new or a new construction situation.

How can we help you today?
We want to make sure that you get the best quality bulb and that’s why we offer what we do. This isn’t like a lot of the cheap stuff that you may find it a big box store; this is typically a higher quality bulb rather than some cheap import. Some of the track record that people have with buying light bulbs from a big retailer is that they don’t last very long. It cost you more over time, and there’s more hassle and having to replace bulbs that work made to last. We have excellent warranties on the ones we have, and we believe they are of the highest quality and standards anywhere. If you’re looking at making a purchase for a more significant quantity of these dimmable LED light bulbs, then give us a call or email us with a request for a quote. We can work with you to get you the best price possible on the best quality product. If you’re unsure about which way you need to go with some new lighting, you can also contact us for that. We have many years of lighting expertise and want to help you get the most cost-effective way to get a proper lighting upgrade.
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