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SATCO LED High Bay Retrofit Energy Efficient Light Bulb - 62 Watt
LED high bay retrofit light bulbs are designed to replace incandescent, fluorescent, or metal halide sources.

Price: $135.46
Item #: BLF319463

SATCO LED high bay retrofit energy efficient light bulb with 62 watts for many types of warehouse or industrial lighting needs. Replaces a variety of metal halide and fluorescent lighting to save energy. The LED array distributes the light evenly in every direction while providing a certain amount of visual comfort, reducing glare. This LED lighting retrofit offers quality lighting for wide-ranging applications and delivers excellent energy savings compared to linear fluorescent and HID high bay fixtures. This is a simple way to retrofit any high bay commercial light fixture where you want to do a simple bypass of the existing ballast and screw these in. Because of the way it's made, you're going to get light directionally down not in every direction and therefore wasting light. It's pointed in a downward direction which is where everybody wants the light in any facility or warehouse. This one will replace up to a 250-watt metal halide bulb, and that means it will probably be most often used in a storage warehouse or general work facility. It has a frosted lens so that you're not going to get the glare of these points of light, just a smooth even light that will go throughout the space. It does come with a five-year warranty, and so you're protected from any early failure, but you should expect many years of reliable service and excellent light output. All you have to do is bypass the existing ballast to the voltage that you have coming into the commercial light fixture. The 5000K light color is perfect for most types of industrial facilities because it is a white light and people can read well by it, and people can see more easily things that are stored on racks. This one only draws 62 watts so you're going to have a fast payback and then you'll enjoy better lighting as a result as well. It's the perfect solution for anyone trying to have a simple way to retrofit to LED and still get an improved lighting situation.

Product features:
- 62 watt.
- 7600 lumens.
- Mogul base.
- Replaces up to 250-watt metal halide.
- Dimension L = 9-1/8" x D = 6-11/16"
- Voltage: 120/277
- CRI: >80
- Color Temperature: 5000K
- Frosted lens.
- 25,000+ Hour Life Expectancy.
- UL listed.
- 5-year warranty.

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