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Replacing HID with a LED retrofit kit or LED Light Fixtures.

For those of you considering replacing HID lighting with more efficient LED light fixtures or retrofit kits, I want to talk about just a couple of things to keep in mind. It's a great time to consider making the move from HID lighting because the cost of LED light fixtures has come down in price while still getting better efficiencies. There was a time when LED was not a suitable replacement for a lot of higher wattage HID lights, but that certainly is in the past now. HID lighting has been used for many years in security, parking areas, warehouse lighting and many other types of lighting applications. It's easy now to do a one for one replacement of the light fixtures or do a retrofit on the existing light fixture that you have. There is a rule of thumb on replacement wattage for HID with LED. I've seen it as about 1 watt of LED for every 4 watts of HID that your replacing. So for example if you're trying to replace a 250 watt metal halide, you would probably be anywhere from 60 to 80 watts of LED to give you the same amount of light. This is just a general rule for HID replacement and it's pretty accurate for most light fixtures. Recently as of this writing the lumens per watt on LED lighting has been going up. So that 4 to 1 ratio of HID to LED will probably go up in the future to something like 5 to 1. Of course, if you're trying to design an area for a certain amount of light, the best way to do that is with some software that can predict the amount of footcandles you will get with the new LED light fixture. That's the most accurate way to make sure you'll have enough light. But if you're doing a simple replacement, this rule of thumb I mentioned is pretty good. I should mention that the general replacement rule for incandescent is 10 to 1, so if that's your situation you can really save a lot of energy while still maintaining light levels. Replacing HID lighting such as metal halide or high pressure sodium has other benefits as well. There will be no light bulbs to change and that reduces maintenance costs. Also the light level maintenance will be better with LED, there will be less degradation of light output over time which was always a problem with HID. You're also not going to see any color shift happening over time, the white light is going to be maintained throughout its life, something that was certainly a problem with metal halide lighting. All this being said, HID lighting is still used in many places and will continue to be used by many people who prefer that light source. I've had some people call and think that they could replace incredible amounts of HID wattage with really small amounts of LED. Don't be fooled, LED lighting is not magic, it's just another light source you can use. Stick by these rules of thumb and you will get the light output that you need while still saving energy. Whether you are retrofitting with a LED retrofit kit or getting a new LED light fixture altogether, the transition replacing HID with LED lights can be a smooth one and have a lot of benefit to you down the road.

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John Bolduan

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