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T12 Red Fluorescent Tube Guards

T12 Red fluorescent tube guards.
Price Each: $6.95

Item Number: BLF15787
T12 Red fluorescent tube guards are a great way to change the color of your fluorescent lighting in the most economical way possible. These will fit over any fluorescent lamp regard fewer of the length that you have. They have end caps which allow the pins to come through to make the electrical connection. Red tube guards are great for special lighting effects and other types of production lighting although used in commercial business for any number of uses. This is probably the most popular color of all as people like to use this for not only festive occasion such as parties, but also it has a certain function as some kind of indicator light. If you have an area that may have something with the caution you could use these as a colored warning. But for most people it's often used at Christmas time for an office party or some other kind of special occasion. This is a deep red color, it's not something that's just a tint of red, it definitely has that richer color. That's the difference between our tube guards and some of our competitors, they often use the cheaper lightly colored version. You will be disappointed with the amount of color you get with this and it should meet all your needs regard fewer of the occasion. These will fit both T8 and T12 lamps so you only have to have one tube guard for almost any fluorescent lighting you have. And if you need a shorter version of this other than the 24 inch F20T12, then you can cut it down to size with a blade and attach the end with no problem.

Product features:
- 4 foot length.
- Provided with endcaps.
- For 1.5 inch diameter fluorescent light bulbs.
- A rich red color.
- Will fit T12 and T8 lamps.
Item Number: BLF15787

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