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Prismatic lighting compared to parabolic lighting for offices.

One of the critical design decisions anyone needs to make when putting in new light fixtures in an office is what kind of light you're going to use. And for many offices that have a drop ceiling grid that decision will come down to cost, subjective look and how well the fixtures going to perform. There are two main type of light fixtures that are used in offices and that would be a prismatic light fixture and a parabolic light fixture. They both provide adequate amount of light but they're very different in how they perform. A prismatic light has a lens that is prismatic plastic and breaks up the light very evenly. This can be very good when you have lower ceilings and you need to get maximum spread of light over a larger area. And this can come into play when you have a lot of cubicles in an area and you need to get as much light spread over that area as possible. But most often the better solution is also a little bit more expensive which is a parabolic light fixture which shields the light at offending angles and this can even be used in lower ceiling applications, it all depends on how important productivity is an lighting quality. There's nothing worse than having glaring light or veiling reflectance's in a computer screen or on some glossy documents that you're trying to read. So both types of light serve different purposes but this is most often driven by initial cost. The prismatic light fixture is going to be much less expensive and for many build outs, the lower investment is attractive. But if you're going to have a productive office where you want people to be operating at their peak, then you might want to consider other forms of light, one of them being parabolic light fixtures. It's not the only solution because there are many semi-indirect grid light fixtures and indirect lighting that also are great solutions, and in many ways those are even better. But getting back to both prismatic versus parabolic lighting, these are two different ways of lighting the same area, one for a more broad even spread of light, and the other one for more visual comfort. Both of these come in LED and fluorescent light sources, so you can get what you want in light color and the amount of light while still being energy-efficient regardless of which type you prefer.

Let me know if there's anything we can help you with.

John Bolduan

Here's a sampling of prismatic and parabolic light fixtures we offer:
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Lay-in T8 Troffer 2X4 Light Fixture
Lay-in T8 troffer 2X4 grid troffer light for wide light coverage in office lighting.
Price Each: Starting at $64.21
Lay-in T8 Troffer 2X4 Light Fixture
Lay-in T8 Troffer 2X2 Light Fixture
Lay-in T8 troffer 2X2 grid troffer light for wide light coverage in office lighting.
Price Each: Starting at $64.21
Lay-in T8 Troffer 2X2 Light Fixture
T5 Light Fixture - Lay-In 2x4 Troffer
Lay-in T5 troffer 2X4 grid light fixture.
Price Each: Starting at $107.02
T5 Light Fixture - Lay-In 2x4 Troffer

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