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Plant Growth Bulbs

Price Each: $7.29
Item Number: 125784

Plant growth bulbs have a special blue coating which filters out the yellows and other undesirable colors that come from incandescent lamps. These are used for plant growth and will fit in almost any fixture. They use a standard incandescent socket and in fact, these A19 plant growth bulbs are the same physical size as a regular household light bulb. So wherever you have the yellowish incandescent color, you can make it better for your plants by using these bulbs.

Product features:

- Used anywhere standard bulbs are used.
- 60 watts.
- A more natural outdoor daylight color.

General information.
At, we want you to get the best possible type of grow light system for your indoor gardening application making it successful throughout the season. Plants respond very well to natural light, they like sunlight, and many of these bulbs simulate a daylight atmosphere and provide UV light that the plants also need. Sometimes these are referred to as a full-spectrum grow type of light because it peaks in the main areas of the spectrum that is very similar to sunlight. These can be used in any number of light fixtures; it doesn’t necessarily have to be something specialized only for grow lights.

Fluorescent bulb & HID lighting.
Fluorescent grow light could be used anywhere you use a regular fluorescent of the same type. For instance, if you have a T12 lamp, you can use T12 grow lights with no change that you need to make in the light fixture at all. They are electrically the same. There are different types of plant grow bulbs that people have been using for many years, something like a metal halide bulb that many people seem to prefer because of all the UV output it has. It’s a high-intensity discharge lamp that also produces a lot of light and is one of the most effective for indoor grow light applications. We have light fixtures for this, typically something like an aluminum reflector high bay light which we have on our website. These are relatively low cost, and you can use a high wattage metal halide that will give you all the light that you need for this type of growing situation. The light produced is going to do very well across the whole area of the spectrum in the UV output is excellent. These are not a conversion bulb, just a standard metal halide but some people call them MH grow lights. These have been used for many years for general lighting like outdoor parking lots and security lighting, but they also can be used as a grow light. It has very high output in the light intensity is excellent especially when it’s mounted at a lower level which most people do in something like a greenhouse. The bulbs are relatively inexpensive and will work well for a lot of amateur gardening, but it’s often used also in professional greenhouse applications too.

Incandescent grow lamps.
We need to mention that probably the least effective grow light is the incandescent version. Even though it has a blue filter, it doesn’t have a lot of UV output, but it is acceptable and does help promote some plant growth. By it's nature, it’s only an incandescent wire inside the light bulb and has been used for many years, but there are better ways to get it accomplished. The fluorescent grows lights are one of the most excellent sources you can get although you won’t get the high intensity of light that you get with something like a metal halide. But what most people do in utilizing this type of bulb is put it in some shop light fixture. Yes, that’s right a shop light fixture like you might get it to any hardware store. They’ll use these in their basement and hang them from the ceiling and lower them close to the plants to bring about the result they want. And a lot of these people are amateur gardeners who want to get a jump on early spring before they transfer the plants into an outdoor garden. It’s still a very effective way at a low cost for someone who is doing it as a hobby, and the bulbs that we have will be perfect for getting those plants and seeds going.

LED lighting alternatives.
There are also LED grow lights, and typically they come as an array with a whole new fixture. The fixtures tend to be relatively expensive, but sometimes it’s the right thing to use in certain types of situations. But if you’re trying to keep your costs low and your hobby is doing something in the basement let’s say, then the florescent is probably the ultimate option for so many of you. The cost of the bulbs is pretty cheap, and you can use an inexpensive light fixture that you can mount easily. Often you don’t need very many of these to accomplish such a situation unless you have a lot of plants, and some people do. A good grow light will be something that’s used in this situation for maybe a couple months out of the year although some people grow throughout the winter. That can be done too, but sunlight is still best. One of the things that hobby garden this will do is mimic certain seasons of the year, and that can be done by adequately using lighting. You can almost talk the plants into doing a specific season even when it’s in the dead of winter.

Some things to keep in mind.
Along with the T12 fluorescent grow light we also have a T8 grow light which operates on an electronic ballast and will work with all sorts of light fixtures that are made in the marketplace today. The T12’s are created as a replacement bulb only as nobody carries the light fixtures for those anymore. Because of energy-efficient regulations and the move to LED and T8, most manufacturers have given up manufacturing T12 type of light fixtures. Because the T8 operates on an electronic ballast, it’s much more energy-efficient and is going to give you flicker-free operation. It’s going to be a more consistent light and it's probably going to do a better job in the process of growing plants. The light output is also more significant and is more consistent over time. So if you want something that’s ready for the future that’s still a low-cost, it’s probably the T8 grow lights. You’ll also be able to switch over to LED if you want to do that without having to change a ballast or anything like that. Some more LED tubes have come out on the marketplace, and that’s becoming an option for people that want to have less wattage, more energy savings in their home or business. And talking about companies, many commercial buildings have plants away from windows. When that happens, they do have to use some kind of a grow light over it, and this can be where something like a recessed light might make a lot of sense or something like a compact fluorescent. There’s no right or wrong answer accept how well the plant does under the light that you’re using. Sometimes having the right light fixture that works within an existing fixture is the best way to do it for commercial building. Keep in mind that if you’re using these grow lights in a grid light fixture, the plastic that is over the top of the bulbs will retard all the UV that’s coming out. It will almost wholly obliterate any UV benefit that you’re going to get for that plant. It’s better to have something bare and open to operate. That’s where some open bottom, a parabolic light fixture may be a better way to implement this type of light. Stay away from any plastic that is going to cover up the bulbs, and that will make them almost non-effective. It’s not just about the color, but also the UV output and it just doesn’t make sense to cover it up with plastic, it just won’t work right. And that goes for any lighting fixture that you have; if you’re going to use these bulbs as a grow light, then they can’t be covered by the plastic of any kind. They can have a metal reflector as long as it’s open bottom, but not some plastic that will take away the effectiveness of the light.

How can we help you today?
If you want to know more about how to apply these grow lights to your situation, you can call us or email us anytime, and we can talk about it. We have a lot of experience with people who have implemented these various types of grow lights and have some excellent ideas for how best to use them.
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