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Philips Low Pressure Sodium SOX Light Bulbs

Philips low pressure sodium SOX light bulbs are very energy efficient, but poor in color rendition.
Price Each: Starting at $74.15

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Philips low pressure sodium SOX light bulbs have what people typically call a bug yellow color. The good news is that in commercial or roadway applications, it won't attract bugs and be very energy efficient, but the color rendering of these are poor making them not a good choice when color is critical. But if you have fixtures that have these, you'll know that nothing puts out more light for the least amount of watts. Philips SOX light bulbs are also used for dark sky conditions in cities where light pollution needs to be kept under control by regulation. Philips is one of the few manufacturers of SOX low pressure sodium.

Product features:
- A bug yellow color.
- Monochromatic light.
- DC bayonet base B22d.
- Philips SOX light bulbs are good for dark sky conditions and areas with lots of bugs.

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