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Ceramalux High Pressure Sodium Light Bulbs
High pressure sodium (HPS) light bulbs are a HID bulb that has an amber color light.

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Ceramalux high pressure sodium light bulbs have what people typically call a yellow color. You've probably seen them in high bay warehouse situations where energy efficiency is very important. If you need a light fixture that uses these, they are sometime labeled as HPS lamps as well. They have a long life and are a very reliable light source. Like all HPS lamps, Ceramalux high pressure sodium light bulbs often start to cycle on and off at the end of their life. That means you need to change them at your earliest convenience so as not to ruin ballast components.

Product features:
- A golden white or yellowish light.
- Very energy efficient.
- Medium or mogul base.
- Clear or coated.
- Ceramalux high pressure sodium are an energy efficient source of light that meets the need for saving energy.

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