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Nuvo LED Flood Lighting Fixture - 70 Watt - 5000K
LED flood light fixtures are designed to produce a beam of light for applications such as security lighting, sports lighting, and architectural lighting.

Price: $251.67
Item #: BLF230006

Nuvo LED flood lighting fixture with 70 watts and bronze finish for security and all types of outdoor lighting. This can be used on any existing electrical box that you may have now making it a good retrofit light as well as a good choice for new construction. If you're going to build new, then up your investment now and reap the benefit's of lower maintenance costs, lamp replacement with energy efficient LED. If you ever need a really small LED security lights that looks like a conventional flood light then this could be a good solution for many of you. It's completely sealed so water can't get in and neither can the bugs. It's a perfect solution for a low maintenance product that should be trouble-free for many years to come. The white color is an excellent option for building owners who have a light colored building, it will blend into the colors you have. This LED flood lighting fixture is one that offers a smaller package than most types of LEDs while still delivering excellent light output. People like it because of it's small, diminutive size which keeps it out of the way if it's being used in something like building or landscape lighting. The trend in LEDs is to make the lighting fixture smaller while still delivering a high amount of light. This also spreads the light out very evenly across the surface that the lighting. It comes with a seven year warranty and a 50,000 hour rated life so you should get many years of reliable service and consistent lighting throughout that time. 

Product features:
- 70 watts.
- 9889 lumens.
- Color Temperature: 5000K.
- Bronze finish.
- 50,000 hour rated life.
- Power Factor: &get; 97%.
- CRI: 81+.
- 1/2" Adjustable Knuckle Mount.
- Die Cast Aluminum Housing with Integral Cooling Fin.
- Superior Architectural Bronze Powder Coat Finish.
- Polycarbonate Lens.
- Quad Voltage (120-277V).
- cULus Listed for Wet Locations.
- DLC Listed.
- 5-year Warranty.

At, we believe it's possible to get excellent lighting while using very little energy. You can do that with some of the LED technology that's on the marketplace today. This floodlight is just one of those ways that you can get it done. This is a popular item because of it's reasonable cost but also it's performance and durability. With a seven year warranty you're not going to have to worry about early failure, because we got you covered. If anything fails in that time, we will replace it for free just like any of the warranties that we have from all our manufacturers. One of the nice things about this lighting fixture is that it has a white finish and although the more common item would be the bronze finish, many people prefer a lighter color especially if the building or home they live in is also very lightly colored. Sometimes that aesthetic does make a difference when you don't have something with high contrast sticking out against a lighter background. In this way you get something that works better with the architectural details of the building you're using it on. This is also used for landscape lighting as mentioned earlier, but this is a 120 volt type of light. Some landscape is typically 12 volt and we have other choices for that if you're using a low-voltage system. The beam angle is going to cover a wide area, making it possible to have good crossover from one lighting fixture to another. This is really important in all types of outdoor lighting because keeping in evenness of light insecure areas is desirable. No one likes to have hot spots throughout an outdoor lighting scheme unless you're trying  to create more contrast. The polycarbonate lens that this comes with is unbreakable and that's what polycarbonate is an unbreakable material it's also known as Lexan. But in either case it's the same product and it's going to protect those LEDs and make sure that they don't get damaged in any way. If you're using this in an area that's possibly prone to vandalism, then this would be a good choice for that reason. These are tough little lighting fixtures and they're going to give you that longevity you need and prevent damage from vandals. When you're using this on a commercial building you're not just operating it at 120 volt necessarily, it can go all the way up to 277 volt. And when operating it at that higher voltage you will be able to get more lighting fixtures on a single circuit. The hardware stainless steel so you not going to have any problems with rusting, this product is made to last and is rated for wet location. When it comes to energy savings this is a product that might qualify for electric utility rebates as it has a DLC listing. And most of the time with electric utilities they want to see that DLC listing if a product is going to be a part of a project. If you're unsure of your situation as to how to mounted or how many you might need to adequately cover an area, just let us know and we can run a layout that might give you an idea of how many lighting fixtures you might need for your situation. Every situations different and often people have different ideas as to what good lighting can be. So knowing what kind of effect or footcandles you'll get on a surface ahead of time is important. And because this replaces up to a 70 watt metal halide, you'll be enjoying energy savings for many years to come. If you would like to know how fast you will get a payback or return on investment we do have an energy savings calculator spreadsheet on the left-hand column of our website. You can download it for free and use it for any type of energy-efficient project you have. It's always good to know how much you'll save in both energy and maintenance costs. Theres no reason to guess at it and you'll know if it's a good investment are not for you. Call us if you have any questions about this or anything else you see on our website and will be happy to help you with a successful lighting project.
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