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MR16 Light Bulbs

MR16 halogen light bulbs are the small bipin reflectors that are a halogen light source delivering a high light output in compact package. They are a favorite of retailers because of the excellent color rendition they have along with the dramatic way it lights product. They are usually 12 volt, but there are other versions in 24 and 120 volt. A great light in any track or recessed lighting situation whether it's for home or business. These are still popular for many areas that need that warmer light that LED cannot provide properly. There's just something about a halogen light that's going to give you a better light for certain types of applications. MR16 light bulbs are inexpensive and fairly energy-efficient considering how good the light is that they produce. Because there are so many different variations of this light, you can always call us if you're unsure of which one you have or the best one to use for your lighting situation. Were always here to help and we can get you the answers that you need to make an informed decision.
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MR16 240 volt halogen light bulbs for special voltage lighting.
EXN MR16 240 Volt Halogen Light Bulbs
List Price: $18.60
Your Discount Price: $13.62
EXN MR16 240 Volt Halogen Light Bulbs
MR16 240 volt halogen light bulbs are used many times in track lighting or recessed in many types of lighting, but this is a higher voltage. The voltage is something you might find used in special applications.
MR16 light bulbs
MR16 Light Bulbs
List Price: $4.90
Your Discount Price: $3.55
MR16 Light Bulbs
MR16 light bulbs are a bipin halogen lamp used in track lighting or recessed in many businesses and homes. They have a whiter, more intense light than a standard incandescent flood light.

We want to be your lighting supplier for all your lighting needs, not just a few LED products here and there. We know many of you still use these MR16 light bulbs and we are great sources supply to get them. We ship all across the United States and Canada and would like to have the opportunity to serve your lighting needs today. spacer
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