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MR16 Energy Saving IR Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

MR16 energy saving IR means the same light output for less watts.
Price Each: $8.95

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MR16 energy saving IR halogen lamps have a special infrared reflective costing that makes the filament more efficient. That means that you can save energy over standard MR16 lamps. For example, if you use a 50 watt MR16, you can use a 37 watt IR and save 13 watts while maintaining light output. You'll find them used most often in retail lighting where a whiter, intense light is desired to bring out certain highlights. It's probably one of the nicest lamps when it comes to saving energy because you don't have to sacrifice the quality of light you want in a halogen just to get more energy-efficient. These can be used anywhere a regular MR16 light bulb is used, they are the same electrically and operate off the same transformers. And it's true that you can truly replace higher wattage versions with these lower wattage lamps. You won't be disappointed with the light output and you will certainly enjoy lower electric bills. Retailers have use this lamp quite a bit but it could be used anywhere even in a home lighting situation. Call us if you have any questions about how to properly apply this light bulb to your situation.

Product features:
- 12 volts.
- Choice of wattage and beam.
- 5.3mm between pins on center.
- 2 inch diameter at the reflector opening.
- 2000 hour average rated life.
- 37 watt IR = standard 50 watt.
- 50 watt IR = standard 65 watt.

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