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Morris LED Recessed Lighting Retrofit Kit with Gimbal - 5 and 6 Inch

Morris LED gimbal recessed retrofit light fixture
Price Each: $27.95

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Morris LED recessed lighting retrofit kit / fixture with gimbal recessed trim is made to replace 5 or 6 inch downlighting with an adjustable head. It's so much like a standard recessed light fixture, no one will know that it's an LED down light retrofit. The finished retrofit trim makes it look just like new construction and gives off a pleasing warm white light color. Typically this would replace the traditional R30 eyeball light that people have been using as a directional light. This is a versatile light source for most 4-inch recessed downlight fixtures. Compatible with 120 volt systems, the 15 watt LED retrofit delivers 1060 lumens with excellent uniformity and color rendering with standard white LED. So with this new type of retrofit kit you're going to receive substantial energy savings while still getting something that looks like it's original new construction equipment. The gimbal head allows you to direct the LED light in whatever direction you want. This can be great for hallways where you'll not only get recessed lighting but you can highlight artwork that's on the walls or special points of interest. This can be used for both commercial buildings and home lighting situations, it doesn't matter. This is probably one of the most flexible units for lighting that you can get in a down light. This is an easy to install and requires no rewiring to replace existing recessed ceiling lights. For your next lighting project where you simply want to save energy without the hassle of rewiring a new LED recessed downlight, this might be the perfect solution for you. If you have do need to install recessed lighting for the first time in a new construction situation, we have other products for that type of installation, just let us know.

Product features:
- 15 watts.
- 1060 lumens.
- 2700K light color.
- NO light bulb, just the integrated LED array inside.
- LED Gimbal Retrofit Kits for Recessed Downlighting.
- Complete LED retrofit kit, everything you need.
- Adjustable/Rotatable Gimbal Lens
- Simple Screw In Installation Including In-Line Pluggable Disconnect
- Can be installed in 5" or 6" downlights
- TRIAC Dimmable LED.
- White finish.
- Compatible with most household dimmers.
- Commercial electrical contractor quantity discounts.
- Dimmable Down to 10%
- Aluminum Housing/Trim - Paintable
- Input Voltage: 120VAC
- Input Current: 0.1 Amps
- Guaranteed Single Bin Color Consistency with enhanced illumination uniformity
- 50,000+ Hour LED Life Expectancy
- Wet Location Rated
- cULus Listed
- 5-year Warranty

At we believe this is a good time to retrofit existing light fixtures so you can save a lot of energy in the future. LED products today have never been more reliable or energy-efficient. The pricing on many of the products is come down to a point where people can get paybacks in fewer than two years. If you want to get even better ROI, there are many utility rebates out there that can reduce your payback time with an extra incentive. If you’re unsure whether your situation can use these lighting retrofits, either call us or drop us an email. It’s also very effective when people can send a picture of their situation and we can tell them from that exactly what might work best for them. Keep in mind that we do have a lighting calculator spreadsheet on the left-hand column of our website where you can input existing wattage and proposed wattage and determine exactly how much energy you will save. It’s very easy to use and you can download it for free. We want you to be informed about making a good lighting decision and saving energy down the road while still maintaining excellent lighting. That’s always been important to us it’s not just about saving energy but giving people lighting that they’ll be pleased with. There’s no reason to make a sacrifice of light levels in anything you that you’re doing because LED technology is matured to a point that it can literally replace any type of previous lighting system. We take a lot of pride in having American-made lighting fixtures whenever possible and in some cases there are certain types of light fixtures that are only imported. But we have many choices of USA made products that you can feel good about supporting US manufacturers that have higher quality products than many of the imports. Recessed lighting is one of the easiest ways to become more energy-efficient whether it’s your commercial building or in your home. This particular product can be used in either situation and it’s almost a no-brainer when you get down to a one year payback which many people can realize. People often ask us about color temperature and this one is in the warmer color spectrum something like 3000K soft white as was mentioned before but we do have other options for some downlights where you want to have something that’s more like natural daylight. We have those in the same energy-efficient versions and can help you with that and guide you to the product that would best suit your needs that way. Some people like that very white daylight color and oftentimes it works really well in areas that have white walls or ceilings rather than something with natural earth tones. And if you have a situation where you don’t know how many light fixtures you will need for an area in a new construction situation or what the outcome would be with something like this product, we can help you with that with a complete lighting layout that will show you exactly the footcandles you’ll get for your situation. Every space is different and you have to calculate the interior space, the ceiling height, the reflectance is and the efficiency of the light fixture itself. So if you need help in making a predictive idea of what the result of a retrofit was going to be, we do that for you and we do it free. Of course we would like you to buy the lighting products from us which is what we hope in extending this extra service level to you. LED recessed lighting has come a long way from its humble beginnings with simple screw-in type of light bulbs which are still available. And sometimes that’s still a good way to go when you don’t want to even do anything with the trim ring and you want to keep the original look of the light fixture. And for those kind of situations we do have a complete line of retrofit light bulbs that you can use in the light fixture you have. Sometimes that’s the best and most cost-effective solution but it’s something that is fewer permanent. We see a lot of homeowners doing that but if you are a commercial building one of the things you don’t want to do is give people the ability to go backwards and lose the energy efficiency you gained. That’s why something like this recessed lighting retrofit makes more sense for that kind of situation with the building owner wants to maintain energy savings far into the future. If you have any other questions about anything you see on our website, please give us a call and will be happy to help you making the lighting the best it can be. We are a trusted source for many businesses and residential users and we would like to earn your business today with the best products out on the market and great service after the order. Of course if you have any issues with the product or anything you see on our website, we have excellent warranties which we honor.

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