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Miniature Light Bulbs

Miniature light bulbs are small incandescent or LED bulbs that are specifically designed for certain types of equipment. They have various sizes, voltages and amp ratings for you needs. These are often sold in packs and identified by the numeric code you see stamped on the base or glass. It's easy to find the one you need simply by the code and then you can be assured of having the right specifications as the correct replacement.
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1383 flood light bulbs used in small fixture, a lot in elevators.
1383 Flood Light Bulbs
Price: Starting at $3.49
1383 Flood Light Bulbs
Mirror light bulbs
Mirror Light Bulbs
Price: $1.97
Mirror Light Bulbs
R12 flood light bulbs.
R12 Flood Light Bulbs
Price: Starting at $1.86
R12 Flood Light Bulbs spacer
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