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Mercury Vapor Light Bulbs

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Mercury vapor light bulbs are a HID light source that has an arc tube. It's an older style of light and metal halide has replaced it as the preferred source of white light for warehouses, gymnasiums or any place a lot of light is desired. If you're using mercury vapor light bulbs as a light source, you might want to consider going to a new fixture with a metal halide lamp instead. You have a choice of bases but be aware that some mogul base is larger than a regular household light bulb base.

Product features:

- Mogul base is a larger base.
- Medium base is the same size as a regular household light bulb base.
- Deluxe white.

General information.
At, we want to make sure you get the highest quality lighting products at good prices and that includes even though supply items such as ballasted mercury vapor and self-ballasted mercury vapor light bulbs. These were developed a very long time ago and they were the first form of HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting before there was high-pressure sodium or metal halide. They were made to replace incandescent light and were more energy-efficient and could create more light for indoor and outdoor lighting. It’s a white light but it does tend to be a little bit warmer, sometimes even having a tint of green which a lot of people that have landscape lighting really like. The color rendering is generally poor, but some of that is mitigated by the white coating that is typically on these bulbs.

Energy saving options.
If you have mercury vapor lamps, you have several different paths you can take these days. You can either just replace the lamps, consider going to a metal halide light source or completely retrofit to an LED lighting solution. Replacing the lamps is always the easiest thing to do and many people choose that because they like mercury vapor. One of the biggest manufacturers of these was General Electric and they still make some of those today, although many are imported as well. If you want to go to more efficient lighting such as LED light bulbs, you can either do a simple screwing retrofit and bypass the existing ballast or you can get a completely new fixture. Considering the age of some of the light fixtures that may house these, getting a new fixture may be a good idea. The light output of LEDs is excellent and it’s going to replace these old mercury lamps with some very low wattages. If you want to know how much energy you’ll save in real dollars, we have an energy saving spreadsheet that you can calculate how much you’ll save. It’s on the left-hand column of our website and you can download it there for free. It’s not an exhaustive audit but it gives you a good estimation as to how much energy you’ll save over an existing system. There’s never been a better time to go to new LED light fixtures or LED bulbs.

Troubleshooting and issues.
One of the problems with mercury vapor is that over time they tend to degrade in light output, sometimes quite dramatically. They don’t hold their light output from when they were new very well. Another issue is they do tend to color shift over time, or something comes out as white originally changes to a greenish glow at the very end of life. These can last a very long time and some people will also notice that they will turn green and have a very low output and at that point, the bulb needs to be changed. We’ve had customers in the past that see them still working over a large area thinking they don’t need to change them when they’re probably getting 20 percent of full light output which defeats the purpose of why you might have lighting in the first place. At that point, even halogen light bulbs would have more light output! If it’s outdoor lighting you want to keep your security level high and using these probably isn’t the best solution anymore. But if you have fixtures that will only accommodate this and you want to keep using them, then yes we still have plenty of them on hand and probably have the one you need.

How can we help you today?
If you’re unsure of which one you have, we can help you because we’ve seen all the possible varieties of mercury lamps in the market. You can call or email us with a code number which is usually stamped right on the lamp. If you don’t see that and you’re unsure, you could always check on the ballast for a label which will also tell you what it operates. You can also send us a picture of what you have if you can’t identify it properly. By the way, we don’t keep your email and honor our privacy policy against mailing you unwanted spam. We have plenty of mercury vapor bulbs on hand and we want you to be satisfied with whatever you choose, just let us know if we can help you today.
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