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Medium To Candelabra Base Socket Adapter

medium to candelabra base socket reducers.
Price Each: $4.95

Item Number: BLF11005

Medium to candelabra socket adapters are made specifically to take your medium base incandescent socket to a candelabra base. Medium is the same as a standard household light bulb base which are used everywhere. A simple retrofit takes your standard fixtures into a new base without having to change anything electrically. With this simple change, you'll save money and be able to use any candelabra base incandescent you have. It's also known as a socket reducer ta the larger medium base to E12. It can be used for places where you need the more decorative look that often accompanies the smaller base.

Product features:
- Changes sockets from a medium base to a candelabra base.
- An easy fix for changing the socket and the lamps it will accept.
- Candelabra base is also known as an E12 base.
- Good for 120 or 12 volt circuits.
Item Number: BLF11005

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