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Lumiline LED Light Bulbs - 6 Watt - 11.75 Inch

Price: $163.30
Item #: 87978

Lumiline LED Light Bulbs in 11.75-inch length are a white linear LED with a disk end base. It's a linear source and works in many kinds of older fixtures and are made to fill the need for replacement lumiline bulbs. These lamps are used many times in bathrooms where a good skin tone is desired. These give off a beautiful light that is very flattering just like the incandescent they replace. This is the shortest version of the lumiline light bulbs, and these replace the 40-watt incandescent version. Make sure to save the end and take them off the old light bulb and put them on these new LED versions when installing them for replacement. We've tested the light and found it to be very close to the incandescent color, so much so that one could not tell the difference if they were installed in your existing light fixtures. These are NOT fluorescent bulbs; these are LED that replaces an incandescent light. If you're unsure whether these will work in your situation, you can always call or email us your question and any pictures that you may have of your existing installation. We can't underestimate to you how close these are to the original incandescent color. If nobody told you that you had switched to LED, you would not know. That's how close it is in it's appearance. Of course, these are more expensive than the original lumiline was, but it is probably about the same price as what some people who have a few left have been charging now. This is also 50,000 hours, so once you put these and you probably will never change them again in your lifetime. So if you look at it as a way to prevent having to do a remodel or a re-fixture, then this becomes a lower cost option and still keep the integrity and the look that you had initially. This can be very important for the vintage type of furniture or fixtures that are in particular types of homes.

Product features & specifications:
- 6 watts.
- Replaces up 40-watt incandescent lumiline or lumiline II.
- 200 lumens.
- 120 volt.
- 50,000 hours.
- Non-dimming.
- Length of the 6 watts is 11 3/4 inches.
- White coated lamp.
General information.
This new lumiline is an excellent product for anybody that has the old style lumiline or lumiline II light bulbs that they need to replace. It's an ancient kind of bulb and were installed for many decades in a lot of different applications where there’s no way to put in new light fixtures without ripping apart a complete bathroom or piece of furniture. These were often included in bathroom cabinets, and it was an integral part, so it’s tough to put something new in to replace these. And up until recently, there was no replacement other than hoping you found the old incandescent version on somebody’s website and have them rip you off with some crazy pricing.

An easy replacement.
Now you can get this lumiline bulb in an LED version that indeed looks the same as the incandescent did. The color is spot on, and so is the glow that it emit's. People would not be able to identify it as LED if you didn’t tell them. It fit's into the light fixture the same way the older ones did. First, you need to take off the end caps of the old ones you have, and that’s important, I’ll talk about that more in a moment. After you take off the old caps from the lamp put them on the new one, they will fit perfectly. Then all you do is push those caps into the old sockets just like before, and you’re done. There’s nothing more to do; there’s no rewiring to do or anything like that. Another great benefit is that the tube that houses these is not glass, but it is a clear plastic which is unbreakable.

The old incandescent version.
The old GE lumiline bulbs came in either a 40 watt or 60-watt version and had different links associated with those. The 40 watt was the shorter version, and the 60 was longer. It came in either a clear or white lumiline although the most popular one was the white version. We had sold many of these in the past when we were still able to get a few. There no longer made or available but they presented a wonderful light, a very warm light that a lot of people like instead of having something like fluorescent bulbs. For some time there, there was no replacement for these, but now there is. One of the things to make sure that you do is to keep the end caps and do your best not to break them because some of those are not available anymore. We do have some of the end caps that are the deep version, so if you have them, they are still readily available from us.

Saves energy too!
Not only is it a suitable replacement, but there’s also an energy-saving component to this as well. The 60 watts is replaced by a 9 or a 15 watt LED and the 40 watts is replaced by a 7 watt. So you can save energy if you leave these on for a long time and many people do. You’ll also get an extremely long life of 50,000+ hours, and so you’re probably never going to replace these based on how people typically use these in a home or even in business. Most of the time these are used in certain types of cabinets that were made many decades ago for bathrooms. And people fell in love with these cabinets or don’t want to renovate totally, so that’s the best solution these days to replace him with these LEDs. Although these do save energy, it’s not something that’s going to get you a swift payback because these are higher-priced. Even though these have a higher cost, you still get a very long life about 50 times the life of the old ones so probably at the first replacement your saving money.

How can we help you today?
A lot of times people have questions about these lamps and what they can do to either re-fixture or replace them with this LED lumiline. Please call or email us with those questions and we can help you get the right product to replace your existing lamps that have gone out. It’s also helpful at times to send us a picture if you’re unsure about what you have. There’s enough product variation in these older style incandescent, that we need to make sure that you have the right version that can be replaced with this LED lumiline bulb. There’s never been a better time to replace those old bulbs because once you do, you may never have to revisit this possibly in your lifetime.
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