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Low Profile Emergency LED Lights

Price: $225.56
Item #: BLF287696

LED low profile emergency lighting fixture is a bright, functional and reliable unit using LED lighting arrays. It's thin and is perfect to keep the light close to the wall. It's important to have good lighting for emergency situations making it easy for people to find their way out. This unit is completed self-contained and has an indicator light which is either green or red to make sure the unit is working correctly. It's the latest in a series of emergency lighting that makes the unit less obtrusive. You can use this either on a wall or a ceiling mount situation and will work equally well in both. The surface mount backplate can be mounted in nearly any junction box and then snaps into place making it one of the easiest unit's to install. It will operate for the standard 90-minute timeframe and will recharge within 24 hours of the completely discharged battery.
Product features:
- Ten year LED lamp life.
- Universal mounting.
- Dual 120/277 voltage.
- LED .5 watt per lamp head.
- 3.6V maintenance-free rechargeable Nicad battery.
- Surface mount for either wall or ceilings.

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