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Louver Direct Indirect Wall Light Fixture

Price: $1,019.18

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Louver direct indirect wall light fixture for hallways and general lighting. The louver provides 60% up light and 40% down light making it an excellent source for many buildings. It's a universal voltage of 120 / 277 volt which automatically senses the voltage you have and works properly. If you have general areas to light, then you need a fixture that will make a comfortable light and this one does with a direct indirect component. It uses two F54T5/HO fluorescent lamps, so it's also energy efficient while giving higher illumination.

Product features:
- Electronic ballast.
- Two fluorescent light bulbs.
- Does not include lamps.
- Color choice.
- Perfect for lighting hallways and general lighting.
- Dimension: L = 49.25" x W = 5.03" x H = 2.68"
- 120 / 277 volt universal voltage.

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