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Linestra Light Fixtures - White Finish

Linestra light fixtures - white powdercoat finish
Linestra light fixtures - white powdercoat finish
Price Each: Starting at $108.38

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Length & wattage:
Linestra light fixtures with a white finish are an incandescent light source that has a linear tube shape that is used for Linestra Philinea light bulbs. These have two sockets in the fixture which accommodate any size Linestra light. These fixtures are used many times in bathrooms where a good skin tone is desired. The bulbs give off a wonderful light that is very flattering. The futuristic design is perfect for accent lighting in commercial and residential buildings. Prefabricated end knockouts eliminate the need for drilling holes, saving extra contractor charges. This white finish is all post painted and has a durable enamel finish. It will not only last a long time, but it's going to keep it's good look for many years to come. It's probably one of the most popular finishes of all as it goes with almost any type of interior design. White is the all-encompassing matching color that will complement things like bathrooms and displays plus it also happens to be one of the lowest cost versions of this light fixture. Everything that you need to operate a Linestra or Philinea lamp is included with this fixture and this will also work for the new LED Linestra type light bulbs as well. You don't have to do anything special as far as LED goes, just get the fixture and plug the LED lamps into it. You can also get various wattages for that as well.
Product features:
- 120 volt.
- Choice of lengths.
- White finish.

Linestra light fixture overview:

Linestra light fixture installation:
An excellent choice for your bathroom.
For many years people have been trying to augment their bathroom mirror with things like a magnifying mirror, some kind of an LED lighted makeup mirror, small little items that don’t really let you see the total picture. So with these linestra light fixtures, you’re going to get that total picture not just your face, but your whole upper body and be able to see how well you look. It’s one of those little things in life that make all the difference. Many people that have used these contact us and tell us how well it works for them. And if we talk to a husband it’s actually doing the installing, they get the approval from their wife as to how well it works. And people really like it, these linear strips on either side that had this very warm glow that is very flattering to skin tones.

A high-quality product.
The product itself is extremely well made and is considered an architectural grade lighting product. Many times it’s been specified by engineers or architects because of its excellent construction and performance. It’s been used in many high-end homes and continues to be used there as well as other types of applications. We’ve had many different television shows and movies specify this as part of their set. He gives that modern appearance that many people want to have in a production. It gives a good light accent without overpowering the space with the light. Not only is it used in these higher and applications, but just regular people that want to dress up their bathroom really find this to be a good way to go. One of the things people often ask us is whether the various watt can be used interchangeably, and that would be no. The wattages correspond to specific lengths of the Linestra type bulb. In other words, you can’t put a 150 watt into a 35-watt type of light fixture or its corresponding LED counterpart which would be 10 watts in a 4 watt. Keep in mind that certain links for these exist and depending on your makeup mirror or bathroom vanity, you’ll want to choose the corresponding length of light that you need.

Get better lighting and save money on energy and replacements.
Sometimes we see people using these in a kitchen dining area for a certain amount of linear under cabinet light or something that is kind of a soffit light. In fact, these are often used in linear runs for soffit lighting or some kind of indirect lighting. It’s not just for the bathroom, it can be used in many other applications but most people find it the best item that they can use for either side of the bathroom mirror. Another benefit of using these is that you’re not going to have to replace lamps very often. The old incandescent version was only rated at 1000 hours and it had a long filament that was very susceptible to vibration. The new LEDs have none of that and so they’re not going to be susceptible to that vibration and they’re going to last a very long time. They are rated anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 average rated life. So you’re not only going to be saving a lot of energy, but you’ll also be saving on lamp replacement cost which can be kind of expensive over time. If you’re looking for these in a commercial application and you need a larger quantity you can always call us for special pricing. We make sure that you get the pricing that you need to fit in your project budget. At, we want you to get the best quality light fixtures for your home or commercial building and we want it to be something that is going to really enhance your life such as in the case of these bathroom/makeup mirror light fixtures.

How can we help you today?
Please call or email us if you have any questions about this light fixture and how to apply to your situation. We’ve had many years of experience with this type of lighting, and we can help you in determining which one would be best for you. If you’re looking for a more significant quantity of these, make sure you contact us for special quantity pricing. We know there are times when you might be doing an upgrade of more than just the bathroom, or it may be in a public building. These are an excellent light for those type of commercial lighting situations such as locker rooms or high-end public bathrooms in an office building. There are many ways you can use this; you’re only limited by your imagination.

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