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Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are a great way to help improve the efficiency of any lighting system. They allow users to customize the brightness, color temperature, and other aspects of a lighting system to fit the task and environment at hand. For example, a lighting control system can be set up to automatically adjust the light intensity depending on the natural daylight available, or to adjust the color temperature to fit the current activity. Lighting controls can also be used to create scenes to set the perfect mood for any occasion. They are a great way to save energy and money, while still giving you the perfect lighting for any situation.
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Rotary Wall Dimmer
Rotary wall dimming control
Price: $39.49
Rotary Wall Dimmer
Photocell Lighting Control
Photocell lighting control
Price: Starting at $36.60
Photocell Lighting Control
Fluorescent Wall Dimmer
Fluorescent  wall dimming control
Price: $167.22
Fluorescent Wall Dimmer
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