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Some general information.

The marketplace for light bulbs has changed a lot in the past several years with the advent of new LED technology. It’s changing the way people look at lighting. No longer is it assumed that you’re going to have to use a bulb inside of a light fixture, now you’ll have situations where you have an integral LED that is non-replaceable. A lot of people like the idea of not having to change a bulb anymore, and so this is the direction that they go. It’s a perfectly reasonable solution for many types of applications, but they’re still in need out there for all these replaceable light bulbs, and you’re going to see different kinds coming out as the technology gets better. Regardless of that, there’s still all these different types of bulbs that we have for your existing light fixtures.

We know all about it.
It all started with the incandescent light bulb, the invention that changed how we function in the modern world. No longer do we use gas lanterns or stay inside once it gets dark. It’s made a big difference, and it all started there. Today it’s all about energy savings with things like LED energy-efficient light bulbs or CFL light bulbs. People want to save money, and you can do that with any number of these types that you see on our website. We are well-versed in providing not only the right bulb but how it could best be used for your situation. You can rely on us for correct answers to your lighting questions. There are several primary sources, and all of them can be easily replaced. Although people are familiar with the incandescent, fluorescent quickly followed with higher energy efficiency and the ability to produce more light for the same amount of watts. It also was a revolution in lighting not unlike today’s LED technology. It changed everything, office lighting, manufacturing, public spaces and too many even to mention. People like the very long life and the convenience of having a light that was going to be instant on with such a high light output. The only thing that was different about this particular light is that it needed ballast to operate. And we have all the different kinds of fluorescent and ballast that it takes to run them for any application that you have. If you want a high amount of light, then fluorescent lamps still provide that with many different types of light fixtures that we also carry. They will continue to be a viable light source into the future although some of the older style T12 lamps are not being made anymore.

Saving money is a good thing.
For those of you who want to save energy by changing a simple bulb, you will find many solutions here that will reduce your energy costs. It’s great when you don’t have to rewire anything, and you can get higher energy efficiency just by screwing in a light. These are often designated on our website as energy savings or rated for efficiency. It’s all about lumens per watt, the higher the lumens you have for each watt will determine how energy-efficient the bulb is. If you want to know more about how much this can save you in real dollars, make sure to download our free energy saving spreadsheet that’s on the left-hand column of our website. It gives you all the information you need to know whether investing in more efficient bulbs will payback for you and whether it’s worth it or not. There’s no reason to guess at it if you have all the pertinent information that we asked for in the spreadsheet. It’s so easy to use you’ll see exactly how much you can save and what your payback time would be. It’s that period where the energy savings will equal the amount of the investment you made in new bulbs. There’s never been a better time to take a look at getting more energy efficient with your lighting because it’s one of the easiest ways to get the light that you want and the most energy savings possible.

Color temperature.
One of the other significant considerations with new light bulbs is color temperature. When you’re looking at this type of change to more efficient bulbs, color temperature is critical because it reflects on what it’s going to do to your interior space. It’s been often said that color in a room or an area is how you light it. No matter what kinds of paints and different types of interiors you have, the light color makes all the difference as to how it’s going to look eventually. Sometimes you can paint something one color and that it seems completely different because the lighting is different. So some of the color temperatures that are available span everything from 2700K warm white, 3000K soft white, 4100K cool white and the favorite 5000K daylight white color. For those of you who want to create a warmer atmosphere, the lower color temperatures work much better. These are often good to use with earth tones and different types of colors used in an interior space. This light would be for something like your home or a specific area that you want to keep that warm feeling like an incandescent color. The 4100K is like office lighting white, and that gives a clean, efficient appearance that many people prefer because it’s very good with contrast and people can see reasonably well under that. The daylight 5000K is like outdoor sunshine, and many people prefer this for many types of applications. They like it because it has a white appearance, good with contrast and readability and for things like factories it can help make people more productive. It produces light the way our eyes were most naturally made to use it. Artificial light is a relatively new wrinkle in human history, and before that, we were either under daylight or would illuminate by fire. Outside sunlight is what we best respond to, and our eyes can see the best. So this is an excellent choice for many different types of interior applications but also outdoors.

Basic differences.
When people think about a bulb, they often think about the one they screw-in, but there are so many other types for all the different lighting applications. It can be a little bit confusing as they all have kind of a cryptic way that they identify themselves. There’s often a stamp on the bulb that will tell you exactly what it is, but if you’re unsure as to what it means, you can always give us a call because we know what you will have. If it ends up being something we haven’t heard of before, we often tell people to send us a picture by email or text, and we can help you identify it very quickly just by that image. It’s a great way to discover exactly what you have and what you could potentially use in your lighting situation. Just be aware that some of these replacement bulbs are powered directly from line voltage, and others have to have a ballast. Products like HID outdoor lighting need to have a ballast along with a fluorescent. But halogen bulbs are just another form of incandescent and will be only powered directly from the voltage coming out of your wall.

How can we help you today?
Sometimes customers buy these in small quantities, and that’s fine, but keep in mind that the price we have doesn’t figure in for more massive quantities. If you have a large number or going to order these in a multiple case amount, then make sure you call or email us for a unique quote. We want to make sure that were very competitive and we want to save you money. You can also let us know if you need to have this pricing on a regular basis if you’re going to be ordering it again and again. We also have unique setups for people that have multiple locations and can put together pricing and a part of our website that pertains mainly to your company if you want to do that. It’s an easy way to keep track of getting the right lights and having that consistent pricing that you can depend on for your accounting department. We want to help you with that control and can save you money. Make sure to call or email us with any questions that you may have about a bulb that you may be looking for. As stated earlier, we have the answers in many decades of expertise in getting you the right product that’s going to replace those existing bulbs. Will also suggest to you anything that we think would save you money, time or general maintenance on the light fixtures you have. There have never been more choices for different kinds of bulbs that you could use. But there’s also plenty of supply that we have for all the different types you may run into. We want to be your lighting supplier, and we hope that we can help you today.
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