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LED Warehouse Lighting

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Some basic information.

At, we have some of the best LED warehouse lighting solutions for your facility. It’s important to have good lighting while you’re saving the maximum amount of energy you can with super bright linear warehouse lighting fixtures. We also have the round version which was similar to the older HID lights like metal halide, HPS or some fluorescent lighting and many people like that design and light distribution. These are more than just shop lights, but they can be used that way if you have an area that needs to have specific work done, so it’s more than just general lighting at times. If you want to know how many light fixtures you’ll need for your lighting installations, we can run a layout which will tell you exactly how many footcandles you can expect when doing your project. We offer this free when you purchase light fixtures from us.

Saving money is nice.
There’s probably never been a better time to upgrade your warehouse lighting system reducing energy consumption and improving your lit environment. If you’re unsure whether you have electric utility rebates in your area, we can help you with some information that will help you justify an upgrade. You’ll find some helpful information on the left-hand column of our website where we have an energy-saving Excel spreadsheet which tells you exactly how much you should expect to save and what kind of payback you can get on changing over to more efficient LED warehouse lighting luminaires. You can download it there just by clicking on it, and it’s free. It’s good to know what your paybacks will be and how to prioritize it in your budget. We carry high performing LED lighting fixtures many that are made right here in the USA. We prefer to sell the USA produced products whenever possible, but sometimes not everything is made here. That’s the most critical part of any fixture today, and it’s essential to maintain that bright white LED throughout the fixture life while saving on energy costs.

Good lighting is still the goal.
Of course, everybody wants to save money, but if you save energy and the lighting job is not very good, then you lose the possible productivity of employees or have increased errors. Area lighting is essential for any business to function correctly, but it’s something we often take for granted. We don’t think about it until the lights go out! Productivity is an essential part of any business or building that uses industrial lighting. Studies have been done about what happens when people get a change in lighting and almost invariably productivity increases. LED warehouse lighting is one of those things is important because you have to be able to see not just down below but very high up on racks. Looking for product numbers or certain kinds of large spaces are much easier to find when the light is appropriately spread and the distribution is even. It’s important not to spread the lights too far apart, but at the same time, you don’t want to use too many lights in a given area and then waste energy. So it’s essential to have a good plan ahead of time as to what you will do, and that’s where that lighting layout that we can provide comes in very handy. You’ll see on many pages of our website where we have done some sample layouts to give you an idea how many light fixtures you might need.

Color is an essential factor.
A lot of times there will be production facilities alongside a warehouse storage area, and we treat those differently. Production facilities or manufacturing are designed at a higher light level than just general storage or LED warehouse lighting. But one of the ways you can save energy even further is to utilize dimming for areas when no one is around with proper lighting controls. In that case, you would use sensors so when people occupy the space, the lights go up to full light output but remain lower when no one is around. And for manufacturing facilities, it’s good to have lights down low where people are doing specific tasks and have general lighting up above. It makes no sense to light everything to a very high light level for a particular function that is going on down below. People often talk about color temperature when looking at doing a lighting upgrade. The thing to keep in mind is that the lower color temperatures are generally warmer colors like incandescent lighting and the higher color temperature can be like a cool white or like an outside daylight color. In places like warehouses, people often choose the 5000 K noontime daylight color because it’s so good working with your eyes.

How can we help you today?
Call us if you have any questions about anything you see on our website and will be happy to take care of you with the best lighting products on the market today. Whether you want new LED warehouse light fixtures, LED or fluorescent lamps, ballasts and more, we probably have what you need every day.
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