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LED wall pack lighting for efficient building security.

If you're looking for effective security lighting for your building on the outside structure, then one of the best light fixtures you could turn to is the LED wall pack lighting fixture. This style and design of light fixture has been used for many decades and has been successful in keeping areas secure at night, all night long. But now with advancements in LED technology, you can use even less watts than before, approximately 75 percent less then older HID lighting systems. These are designed with a simple glass or polycarbonate lens made to spread the light in almost every direction. Its purpose is to get a broad distribution of light to an area so that it's illuminated enough to keep criminals away. And in case nobody's ever told you, light is the cheapest form of insurance when it comes to building security. Of course, there are cut off wall pack light fixtures and those are made to keep the light from going up and focusing it all down. It does have a good application especially when you're talking about things like dark sky conditions. It also uses the light more efficiently by only directing it in the areas you need. You'll often see these mounted on walls around buildings and if you design it right you can get good overlap from one light fixture to another. That means that the lights going to be more even and covering the area to its maximum. The important thing in outdoor security lighting is that it would be an even light, without any shadows are dark spots. It makes people feel more secure when they can see everything and there's not some shadows and dark areas in between lights. It makes a big difference when it comes to people's feeling of security and being able to see at night. The LED wall pack lighting fixture is usually a simple board with an array of LED diodes on it. And usually there directed downward at a specific angle to get maximum effectiveness. And with its excellent energy efficiency, there's really no problem with leaving it on all night. You're also going to get many years of reliable service because the rated life on these is anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. this means for most commercial buildings this could be something that lasts 20 years before anything needs to be done with it other than maintenance cleaning.

John Bolduan

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