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How can I replace U-shape fluorescent bulbs with LED?

There are a lot of people that have 2x2 fluorescent light fixtures in their offices and they take the u-shape fluorescent bulbs. They will often ask me whether there's a good LED replacement so they could save energy and change these to a longer-lasting bulb. This type of tube has not been known for extremely long life in the past, so many people want to replace them because they can be a bit of a pain to change. Now the solution is finally out in the marketplace with this U-shape LED light bulb that can either directly replace the one you have now without changing a ballast or another version where you can take out the ballast and wire it directly into power. Of course, one of the advantages of using the direct replacement that operates on a fluorescent ballast is that you don't have to have an electrician or yourself rewire it. All you have to do is a light bulb change and you're done. You still get excellent energy efficiency and the look of the LED which will match up some of the other parts of an installation you may already have. For those of you who want to go all the way and eliminate the ballast, then there is that direct wired option. There you have to do a little bit of rewiring as you take out the ballast for that type of installation. This type of light fixture will continue to be used in the future as it is made for smaller runs of light to fill out a room in an office or a complete pattern in a 2x2 grid ceiling system. If people asked me which one I would prefer, it would probably be to go all the way and take out the ballast completely. This would especially apply if you're going to keep the facility long-term and want to eliminate another component in the lighting system. But for those of you who just want a simple change to something more energy-efficient, then by all means the ballast run version works just fine and you will save money on the wiring. It gives the same amount of light as the fluorescent version and you're going and see that it doesn't change the performance of  the light fixture. It has a 50,000 hour rated life so it's going to last far longer than the older fluorescent version and it comes in a couple of different color temperatures that will match your office or home. For many of you who have an office lighting situation, this will complete your LED retrofit or make it a complete part of a project you doing now.

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