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Some general information.
At, we want you to get the best quality LED linear suspension lighting available today, and that’s what we provide. The quality of the workmanship is excellent, and it delivers either a gentle glow of lighting or a directed light that you need for specific type of lower pendant mount application. It provides a decorative element that adds to space because it becomes part of that space. Being suspended down from a higher ceiling makes a statement, and it’s part of the interior design while still providing better visual comfort. People have been using pendant lights for many decades and found them to be very useful in creating the amount of light that they want for any situation. They often ask us how many they will need for a particular location, and that’s usually easy to determine, and it depends a lot on the kind of ceiling you have. If you have these suspended at a lower level from the ceiling, it’s going to have light going in many different directions. We can run some typical layouts for the lighting effects so you can see ahead of time what kind of light spread you are going to get. These are all energy-efficient pendant LED lights that are often used as a form of living room lighting, dining room lights, kitchen islands and for your lighting in home situations. In a commercial lighting application, these are often used as linear runs if you’re using the longer linear light fixtures. They’re commonly used in offices, libraries, schools and many other types of commercial buildings.

Saving money on energy always feels good.
One of the primary considerations that many people have is how much energy these products are going to save over what they may have now. It’s always important to know how much money you can save by going to more efficient linear suspension pendant lighting because often that can help you justify investing in new lighting equipment. If you’re looking at changing out your lighting to be more energy-efficient, there’s a couple of different ways you can go. If you have existing pendant lighting that is fluorescent, you can retrofit it with LED bulbs or modules that will give you the same amount of light you have now for a lot less energy cost. It’s the easiest way to update your existing lighting system without having to do a lot of changes. A lot depends on the age of the light fixtures you have now. If you have something that’s been around for 25 years, you may want to consider going to a new light fixture altogether. If it’s something that’s newer and you want to get it more energy-efficient and get better lighting, then the retrofit option is probably the way to go. Once again, a lot depends on the construction of the light fixture you have now whether it can be retrofitted, but if it’s something that’s strictly a linear source of light that it’s effortless to do. Make sure to download our free energy calculation spreadsheet on the left-hand column of our website. This will help you make a right decision as to whether getting new light fixtures or possibly retrofitting is an excellent way to go. All you have to do is put in the existing data from the lighting system you have now such as the watts, the hours run, and the kilowatt-hour cost compared to one of the lights that you see here on our website. It will give you the payback time and how much energy you will save. The payback time merely is that amount of time where the energy savings will pay for the upgrade to new lighting. Most people get a payback anywhere from 1 to 3 years depending on how they are using the lighting during the day. Apparently, the more you operate your lighting system, the faster the payback will be because you’re saving more energy over time. If you are interested in upgrading for energy savings, we can always let you know if there are some electric utility rebates in your area that might apply. This will reduce your payback time, and it’s a great incentive to lower the cost of the initial investment.

Good lighting while saving energy.
With all this talk about energy, we don’t want to neglect good lighting as a general rule. What we always say is that if you save all the energy in the world, but your lighting job is horrible, or it’s not the effect you wanted, then you haven’t saved anything. If it’s in a commercial situation, it can lower productivity of employees, or if it’s in a local case, you can suffer from a reduction of sales. Good lighting is essential, and there are some results that can’t be quantified directly as an energy-saving idea can. If you have a successful lighting project, we believe it will upgrade your lighting to a better look and feel while saving you maximum energy savings. Of course, these are a smaller part of any more massive lighting job, but it can be important when it comes to the overall aesthetic look.

Color is always important.
Another thing that we need to talk about is the color temperature of any of these light fixtures you may choose. LED suspended lights have several choices of color temperature, and they range from the warmer color temperatures to something that’s more like natural daylight. The decision is yours. If you want something that’s going to be used in a home many times people choose a warmer light something like a 3000K. But some people like the look of natural outdoor daylight as a light option, and so they decide that instead. It’s a brighter, whiter color that’s going to serve up lighting that’s more like natural outdoor daylight. If you have areas in a commercial building or even in a home that has a lot of white or light tone paint, often that daylight color can be beneficial. But for those of you who have earth tones and wood grain that you want to emphasize, that warmer color might work better for you. It’s all a personal choice but LED flush mount ceiling lights are used in many different types of applications. Once you go to that color temperature, you can’t go back and change it unless you do some retrofit, so it’s essential to make the right decision at the beginning. Even though people talk a lot about energy savings when they’re thinking about LED, the light color becomes a significant issue and should be addressed. If you have other types of lighting in the area such as LED pendants, recessed ceiling lights, track lights or kitchen/dining room lighting, it’s essential that all the light coloring matches.

You’ll like our quality.
One of the things we take pride in is the higher-quality that these light fixtures offer. These are commercial grade lighting products so they’re not going to be like some of the cheap retail LED pendant lights that you may see in some of the big box stores. Often they import some of the cheapest stuff from China because it’s all based on price without a thought to any quality standard. Unfortunately, there are a lot of LED light fixtures that are sold, and people end up replacing them long before their useful life. So that has a cost and the hassle of having to replace something this just really cheaply made. That’s why we carry many USA made products and if something is imported it’s from a trusted manufacturer that we know has excellent quality and can stand behind the product. One of the most critical parts of any LED lights are the LEDs themselves and of course the driver. The driver is probably the most vulnerable part of any LED light fixture because it’s more susceptible to heat over time. That’s why you’ll see all those high watt light fixtures that have massive cooling fins to keep that whole area cool by dissipating heat. If that doesn’t happen, early failure does. So these are things we keep in mind when supplying you the best possible products that have a track record that you can rely on for long-term performance.

How can we help you today?
We have several great manufacturers of these type of light LED, and if you’re looking to replace a lot of these at once, we do have special quantity pricing, and you can call and email us at customer service for that. We want to make sure we're getting you the best possible pricing on a quantity that you may be looking at. For commercial buildings, it’s also something that we do for a more massive project, and we can be very competitive and even include things like free shipping. If you’re unsure about how many of these LED pendant lights you’ll need for your situation, we can do a free layout that figures in how many that you’ll need when you buy from us. We’ll need some particular information about the interior room or space that you’re trying to light. From that, we can make a very close estimate as to how many you’ll need and what the lighting effect will be in footcandles down on the surface. One of the other things will need to know what kind of task that you’re doing underneath the light whether it’s something like an office or if it’s more fine work. That will determine how many footcandles you should need for people who are doing the particular task at hand. If you’re unsure of whether any of these lights can replace what you have now, send a picture of what you have by email and we can take a look at. Remember that we carry all types of lighting for home or commercial business, everything from outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, strip lights and LED linear lighting.
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