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LED Smart Light Bulbs

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Some general information.
At, we know that almost everybody today sells LED replacement bulbs, but there’s something you should know about them. When you see something that’s incredibly cheap in today’s marketplace, you can probably expect that it’s going to be very cheap in quality. Some big-box stores import them by the container load without regard to quality. They’re just going to bring it in for a cheap price. There’s nothing more frustrating than having bulbs go out or flicker because of poor quality, and then you end up spending more money anyway. We have proven superior LED light bulbs that have stood the test of time and honestly believe that we had some of the best quality lights on the market.

Thinking about color.
There are a lot of different selection choices with LED lights these days and will explain a few of the differences and things you could look for when choosing the right light. Most of these LEDs are a very bright white type of illumination, but you can also get the other color temperatures such as a warm white or soft white, the complete range of color. The most popular tend to be the daylight color, something like a 5000K, people gravitate to this color for its full-spectrum properties. But for those of you who don’t want that stark white color, it would be better to go with colors such as 3000K or 2700K which are more like the incandescent lighting in color. Incandescent bulb color is still very popular with many people in their home because it has a warm and inviting glow that many people still like. So those colors have become readily available, and you really won’t notice the difference between these and an incandescent and pertains to various types of floodlights that are available for recessed lighting.

Color rendition is a factor.
At the beginning LED wasn’t very good at color rendering, but that’s changed with the advent of better technology to get the colors just right. Some of these go as high as a 90 CRI which is very good for judging and differentiating between colors. The color temperature and the color rendering don’t always go together. In other words, sometimes you could have a very high color temperature and a lower color rendering or vice versa. The two aspects of what a bulb can do are not related. So keep in mind what you’re looking for as far as the color of the light and what light does to colors that it’s lighting up.

Practical considerations.
When you use these in existing lighting fixtures, there may be some things to keep in mind as far as to whether you can use them correctly in the lighting you have. You can always look at the lighting manufacturer’s label and see what allowable wattages the fixture may have. Usually, that’s not a problem because the LEDs are so low in wattage compared to incandescent light sources, but the issue is whether something is rated for an enclosed fixture rated or not. If you have an enclosed light fixture and you want to put one of these bulbs in it, you need to make sure that the bulb itself is rated to be an enclosed. It’s all about heat dissipation, and if there isn’t proper heat loss through the fixture, that will lower the lamp life significantly. That also includes specification considerations for outdoor lighting as to whether a bulb can be used in low temperatures or very high temperatures. These ratings are available on everything that we carry. For the most part, we’ve never seen a problem with low temperature starting or anything like that even down to -30F for most products.

Energy saving paybacks made easy.
There’s never been a better time to take a look at energy efficiency with simple LED light bulbs. The question most customers have is whether they can save money and will they see those significant savings and their electric utility bill. We do have a simple energy-saving calculation spreadsheet you can download for free in the left-hand column of our website. This will tell you exactly how much you can save per socket and then totally throughout your business or home by going to LED. It will give you input for existing data that you need to put in compared to one of our LED options and it will give you real dollar savings that you’ll get along with the payback. This way you can see exactly whether this is going to be a good investment for you are not. We want to make sure that people get their money’s worth when it comes to making a change to LED. And this spreadsheet is simple to use and works with Excel and other software. You can call, email or text us with any questions that you may have regarding getting the right selection of LED lamp for your situation.

How can we help you today?
We want you to use these LED's successfully in whatever you’re trying to illuminate. That’s why we’re always here to answer any query you might have and help you make an informed decision about which light you should utilize. Sometimes there are several considerations to make, such as to your interior color scheme or aesthetics, the type of light fixture you have and maybe most importantly, the actual kind of task you’re doing underneath the lights. Some people find LED lighting to be kind of complicated, but it isn’t. It merely takes some basic principles and applying them to your situation. We’ve helped many people find exactly the right kind of light that they need for their case and we can help you too. So if you only know what the base of the bulb is and you have no replacement, we can help you figure it all out as well!
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