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LED S14 Lightbulbs

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LED S14 energy efficient light bulbs are used in decorative lighting including chandeliers, holiday lighting and outdoors. It's an ideal bulb for that type of application because these have such a long life and still have a sparkling, decorative look. The S14 type has been used for many years in sign lighting and other types of display lights. With upgraded LED technology that lasts 50,000 hours, you may rarely change these lamps.

Product features:
- Decorative colored crystal-like glass.
- 50,000 hour rated life.
- .8 watts.
- Medium base.
- 120 volts.

General information.
At, we have one of the most extensive selections of colored fluorescent, incandescent and colored LED lighting products, and these bulbs represent almost every different type of replacement bulb. No, you won’t find any soft white or warm white here, it’s all just very vibrant color to make a difference in whatever situation you may be trying to light. Of course, we have the standard red, green and blue but we also have amber, orange, pinks and even purple. With any of these common primary colors, you can get almost any color for just the right mood lighting effect. And if you want to use an LED energy efficient light bulb you have more choices than ever now at a reasonable cost. In many ways, those give out a more vibrant light because there’s a higher light output typically with those. Another thing you don’t have to worry about with LED is the heat. That is the heat that comes off of the face of the bulb is not going to deteriorate the color at all meaning that it’s going to last you for many years to come.

For holiday parties!
Some people bring these out only for holiday purposes and leave them in storage for the rest of the year. And then there are a few of you out there who use them all the time in whatever application you may have. Although we talk about party lighting or display lighting, there are other types of applications such as commercial businesses, retail lighting that can use this effectively to draw attention to whatever it is your lighting. For certain types of parties such as office parties, it’s good to use the linear fluorescent in overhead lighting, and it’s straightforward to make a change there. Another right way to use these in that situation is to use them in recessed lighting, and merely changing the bulbs to something that is the more bright colorful one you need. It does make a difference to the whole area and adds a nice touch. If you’re doing some light show, then the on and off of colored light will make a huge difference for any display.

Use colored light to your business advantage.
Sometimes you’ll see the outside of a business emphasizing a specific color, and it does draw attention more so than something that’s just lit with regular white light. It may be something you want to consider if you’re trying to attract more attention to your business and draw people in. There’s nothing like colored light to draw our eyes to an area, and it raises a certain level of curiosity as to why it’s lit like that. Whatever it takes to bring in more customers, that might be something to consider. Now for those of you who want to use colored light everywhere, it could look a little gaudy, so you want to be careful and not to overuse it. When you emphasize everything with colored light then really nothing is highlighted. Retail stores can take advantage of this concept of drawing attention to a specific area. Suppose you have a specials display or hot product and you want to make sure that people see that. There’s no better way to get traffic moving in that direction than having some colored lighting on that display. And because these are such inexpensive items and so easy to implement, why not give it a try and see what result you get if you have a retail store. Pink is one of those favorite colors that used in a lot of different situations, and we’ve seen everything from restaurants to weddings and more.

Restaurant and bars.
Bars and restaurants are one of those applications where people often use a pink colored light because they want people to look better under that light. The pink you give us all a better skin tone, and that’s why it’s been used for so many years in a restaurant situation. For home users, there are no limit's as to what you can use them for. You’re not going to use these in the living room or someplace that you’re using regular white light. But there may be some creative ways to use colored lighting to make things look a little bit warmer such as in the pink lighting we talked about just a moment ago. All of these colored lights have several different bases including the regular fluorescent bi-pin base and also the E26 base or medium household base that most people are used to. This is probably the most common application because it can be used in recessed lighting, track lighting and it is perhaps more pervasive than any other type of light fixture. If your commercial user of these and you use them for a more extensive client as part of a special promotion or display, just let us know if you need special pricing on multiple case quantities.

How can we help you today?
We are very competitive with these and can get you the quantities you need because all of them are in stock. Free shipping applies on multiple cases so just let us know. If you have a question as to how best to use a specific color to your situation, give us a call or email us and will help you figure it out. There are some best practices when it comes to using colored light, and we want to make sure that use the right thing and have a great successful display or promotion. We can also talk to you about natural white color which comes in several different color temperatures. And that’s usually the kind of color that most people talk about. They want to know what’s best for an office lighting situation and that colored doesn’t have much to do with a specialized display or anything like that, but it can affect how things are lit and make an interior space look. So colors always essential in any lighting situation. But the bottom line for anyone wanting to use this type of lighting is to think about what the effect is and what the goal is in using it.
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