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LED Round Wet Location Lighting Fixture - White

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LED round wet location light fixture for many types of security and general lighting needs. Pure white light in a 22 watt LED source providing a smooth, even light. The white translucent lens covering distributes the light evenly in every direction while providing a certain amount of visual comfort, reducing glare. It's wet location rating means that it can be used anywhere inside or outside. This is often considered a utility light, but it has many other uses because it has a great profile. It's not just for utility closet or anything like that, it can be used on hallways, general lighting for certain areas any place that has a surface mount need. It's also UL listed for wet locations so that goes into areas where there might be water vapor or directly water that could be in the area. The symmetrical light distribution will give you very even light especially if you have a grouping of these together. It will also cover areas very well even by itself at 22 watts of LED. Many people like the idea of having a white light fixture rather than something that is bronze, this even comes in black, the choice is yours. It's 10 inch round diameter is the perfect size for many types of medium-size lighting situations and will work well with other types of light fixtures that you may be already using or plan to use. The 4000K light color is like office lighting white what a lot of people call cool white light. So it's very good for reading and other types of work where good contrast is essential.

Product features:
- CREE 22 watt LED.
- Choice of black or white polycarbonate base.
- 120 volt.
- 4000K color.
- 1824 lumens.
- Dimension: 10" x 10" x 4.25"
- Buy American Act compliant.
- White polycarbonate, unbreakable lens.
- UL listed for wet locations.
- For surface mounting.
- Symmetrical light distribution.

General information.
At, we only supply quality LED ceiling lights available today in a commercial grade product. Unlike the big box stores, these aren’t some cheap imports; they are all quality light fixtures that we rely on every day to provide performance for customers in a commercial lighting situation. Of course, these can be used for new home construction and for people that are retrofitting to something more energy-efficient within their home. They come with well-made components that will give you an excellent lighting effect, and not just energy savings. We have them in various finishes such as white, black, brushed nickel and polished chrome to name a few along with many other types that will fit into the interior space of your commercial building or any room in your home.

Saving money is easier than ever.
For those of you who need ceiling lights, we understand how important it is to have good lighting along with energy savings. As far as energy savings go, you can get a swift payback with many of these light choices. Sometimes the ceiling lights are also called close to ceiling LED lights because they are surface mounted and not suspended at all. Unlike a semi-flush mount or pendant light which are suspended, these will be as close to the ceiling as possible. Almost all of these come with an integrated LED, which means there are no light bulbs to replace in these light fixtures and most are energy star rated. That means you’re going to get a very long life without having to do any maintenance in the future. They will last for years and years and can be used in conjunction with other types of recessed lighting or ceiling fans as a part of a complete home lighting situation. Many home construction companies use many of these because they are better quality, commercial grade product. If you are looking at changing your existing light fixtures to LED for energy efficiency, make sure you download our free Excel spreadsheet that does a simple energy-saving calculation that can let you know how much you can save in real dollars. You can input the data for your existing lighting system and compare it to one of these light fixtures we have to see what kind of savings and payback time you’ll get. Payback time is that amount of time where the savings that you get will pay for the cost of the fixtures you purchase from us. It’s an easy way to find out how much money you can save by making a simple change from one light fixture to another. We do have retrofit options for existing flush mount ceiling lights for those of you who don’t want to change them to a new installation. And we know you’re out there, you fell in love with that light fixture, and you don’t want to change it, so we have those options as well. Keep in mind that there are also many utility rebate programs that can help lower your payback time even further. Utilities are often mandated by government to have energy efficiency programs to help people reduce the electrical demand for everybody. It’s been a beneficial program, and a lot of these light fixtures will qualify for such rebates. The incentives can be quite lucrative on occasion, and they can bring the paybacks down to ridiculously low periods of time making it very easy to justify going to a new lighting system.

Good lighting while saving energy.
With all this talk about energy, we don’t want to neglect good lighting as a general rule. What we always say is that if you save all the energy in the world, but your lighting job is horrible, or it’s not the effect you wanted, then you haven’t saved anything. If it’s in a commercial situation, it can lower the productivity of employees, or if it’s in a local condition, you can suffer from a reduction of sales. Good lighting is essential, and some results can’t be quantified directly as an energy-saving idea can. If you have a successful lighting project, we believe it will upgrade your lighting to a better look and feel while saving you maximum energy savings. Of course, these are a smaller part of any more massive lighting job, but it can be important when it comes to the overall aesthetic look.

Color is always important.
Another thing that we need to talk about is the color temperature of any of these light fixtures you may choose. LED ceiling mount lights have several choices of color temperature, and they range from the warmer color temperatures to something that’s more like natural daylight. The decision is yours. If you want something that’s going to be used in a home many times people choose a warmer light something like a 3000K. But some people like the look of natural outdoor daylight and so they decide that instead. It’s a brighter, whiter color that’s going to serve up lighting that’s more like natural outdoor daylight. If you have areas in a commercial building or even in a home that has a lot of white or light tone paint, often that daylight color can be beneficial. But for those of you who have earth tones and wood grain that you want to emphasize, that warmer color might work better for you. It’s all a personal choice but LED flush mount ceiling lights are used in many different types of applications. Once you go to that color temperature, you can’t go back and change it unless you do some retrofit, so it’s essential to make the right decision at the beginning. Even though people talk a lot about energy savings when they’re thinking about LED, the light color becomes a critical issue and should be addressed. If you have other types of lighting in the area such as LED pendants, recessed ceiling lights, track lights or kitchen/dining room lighting, it’s essential that all the light coloring matches.

You’ll like our quality.
One of the things we take pride in is the higher-quality that these light fixtures offer. These are commercial grade lighting products so they’re not going to be like some of the cheap retail LED ceiling lights that you may see in some of the big box stores. Often they import some of the cheapest stuff from China because it’s all based on price without a thought to any quality standard. Unfortunately, there are a lot of LED light fixtures that are sold, and people end up replacing them long before their useful life. So that has a cost and the hassle of having to return something this just really cheaply made. That’s why we carry many USA made products and if something is imported it’s from a trusted manufacturer that we know has excellent quality and can stand behind the product. One of the most critical parts of any LED lights are the LEDs themselves and of course the driver. The driver is probably the most vulnerable part of an LED light fixture because it’s more susceptible to heat over time. That’s why you’ll see all those light fixtures that have massive cooling fins to keep that whole area cool by dissipating heat. If that doesn’t happen, early failure does. So these are things we keep in mind when supplying you the best possible products that have a track record that you can rely on for long-term performance.

How can we help you today?
We have several great manufacturers of these type of light LED, and if you’re looking to replace a lot of these at once, we do have special quantity pricing, and you can call and email us for that. We want to make sure we're getting you the best possible pricing on a quantity that you may be looking at. For commercial buildings, it’s also something that we do for a larger project, and we can be very competitive and even include things like free shipping. If you’re unsure about how many of these LED flush mount ceiling lights you’ll need for your situation; we can do an open layout that figures in how many that you’ll need when you buy from us. We’ll need some particular information about the interior room or space that you’re trying to light. From that, we can make a very close estimate as to how many you’ll need and what the lighting effect will be in footcandles down on the surface. One of the other things will need to know what kind of task that you’re doing underneath the light whether it’s something like an office or if it’s more fine work. That will determine how many footcandles you should need for people who are doing the particular task at hand. If you’re unsure of whether any of these lights can replace what you have now, send a picture of what you have. Remember that we carry all types of lighting for home or commercial business, everything from outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, strip lights and LED linear lighting.
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