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LED MR16 RGB Flood Light Bulb

LED MR16 RGB light bulbs
Price Each: $53.95

Item Number: BLF30354
LED MR16 RGB flood light bulbs is able to have 20 different color variances for that special occasion or special lighting effect. It comes with a remote control that is easy to use and gives a wide variety of color. That's why these flood light bulbs been the choice of bars, restaurants and retailers using them in their stores to highlight product or create special attention. For those of you who want the ultimate in color variability, this might be the perfect solution for you. You'll be able to choose that color that fits perfectly for your situation. As you can see it has the remote control with many options on it. This will fit into almost any situation whether its track lighting or recessed lighting. It ends up being a low cost alternative to changing out to colored light bulbs and then having to go back and change them back and forth. It eliminates that giving you complete flexibility for the lighting system. These will replace standard MR16 lamps with no rewiring needed, all you need to do is replace the light bulb. For those of you who have wanted a wider variety of color in a MR16 lamp, you finally have it with this LED multicolor flood light bulb. You get complete control as well with a remote that gives you choices of many colors up to 20, making it perfect for almost any application where you need to get just the right color. If you take a look at the image you'll see not only the basic colors of red, green, blue and white, but you also get variances of each type of color. So you can get something that's pink, orange, hot pink, a teal color and something like a baby blue. And being you can control it all from this easy to use keypad, it's perfect for many situations like retail or home lighting where you need to get just the right lighting affect. It's one of the nicest things about LED technology, the variance of light color which is becoming a bigger thing with most light bulbs coming out these days. Not only can you make changes from the keypad, but it does have a programming function so you can have presets for certain types of moods that you want to set. Some people would call this a scene if it was used in something like a retail location or perhaps a restaurant. You can get exactly the right program so that no one can inadvertently get the wrong color sets. It's a complete solution for color when it comes to these LED MR16 bulbs. If you want more information you can always call us or email and we can get you what you need to make an informed decision about this great product.

Product features:
- 5 watts.
- 12 volt.
- 280 lumens.
- Dimmable.
- Comes with remote control.
- Can be programmed with presets.
- 2 inches across the face.
- A wide variety of 20 colors.
- 30 degree beam spread.
- GU5.3 pin base.
- WG warranty.
Item Number: BLF30354

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