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LED Linestra Light Bulbs

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LED Linestra Type Light Bulbs
LED Linestra light bulbs
Price: Starting at $46.73
LED Linestra Type Light Bulbs
LED Linestra Type Bulbs
LED Linestra bulbs
Price: Starting at $46.73
LED Linestra Type Bulbs
LED Linestra Type Lightbulbs
LED Linestra lightbulbs
Price: Starting at $46.73
LED Linestra Type Lightbulbs
LED Linestra Type Lamps
LED Linestra lamps
Price: Starting at $46.73
LED Linestra Type Lamps
Linestra Type Bulbs
Linestra bulbs
Price: Starting at $46.73
Linestra Type Bulbs
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Some general information.
Many customers ask us whether the new LED bulb will be a suitable replacement for the incandescent. Does it match? Will it be enough light? And the answers to these questions is that yes it is a suitable replacement for what you may have now. The color is an exact match, and the light output is greater than the older types. In some ways that’s a little shocking to some people that a 150 watt can replace something like a 10 watt or 16 watts. It’s true, and you’ll get that kind of energy efficiency as a result while still maintaining that warm light color appearance. It also has the same S14s base so it will fit perfectly in the existing linestra lighting fixtures that you have.

No more buying new bulbs every few months.
It’s one of the most significant ways to not only save energy but not to have to change things like bulbs very often. And with these long linear incandescence that was always a problem. But that issue is gone now because LED doesn’t have a tungsten filament of course and is not susceptible to things like vibration which was always a problem with those older style lamps. We have sold thousands of these and have an excellent running history, so you don’t have to worry about longevity either even though they do come with excellent warranties. It’s a great look for any bathroom lighting and just so you know we have the light fixtures that you can purchase from us as well if you don’t have them or if you’re doing a replacement on some that are becoming very old. Most people mount these on either side of a mirror in the bathroom, but they are used for a lot of other illumination which includes some forms of linear lighting, soffit lighting or backlighting. Whatever way you use them, you’re going to find a nice even soft light that’s going to give you the most light output in a linear LED package.

Saving money always feels good.
You also get energy efficiency and save money that way and depending on how you use them the savings can be quite substantial. We’ve gotten many compliments from customers who never thought they could replace those old-fashioned incandescents, but now it’s easy with an LED dual prong lamp that’s going to last many years to come. And for some residential users who use them very little during the day, you may see these last for 20 years maybe more. We carry a complete line of LED Linestra vanity light bulbs from various manufacturers, all with excellent warranties. It's an easy way to upgrade your bathroom from old incandescent bulbs by using LED replacements. We guarantee that you will like this new version and enjoy the extra energy savings and lamp cost replacements. The prices are now so reasonable that there's never been a better time to make the switch to energy efficient LED for your home or office. If you want to know how much you’ll save in both energy cost and replacement bulb cost, we do have an energy calculation spreadsheet on the left-hand column of our website. It’s a free download, and you can input the data from what you have now to going to an LED linestra type light bulb. It will tell you exactly how much you can expect to save in real dollars and you can put in an estimate for how much you’ll save in replacement costs of light bulbs down the road. It’s an easy way to determine the best course of action as far as energy efficiency goes.

How’s the color?
People often ask about the color of these as to whether they match the old incandescent type. They do, the color is spot on, and many people would not know the difference between the old style and the new LED. They are made to the color to matches up with the incandescent. We would have to say that there is one difference, the LEDs have a little more light output than the old incandescent. You will probably want to change them all at once. It’s probably not good to have a combination of the old incandescent and the new LED; it doesn’t light evenly then. So changing them out at the same time and making sure that everything is the same probably is the best way to go. So even though the color is the same, the light output with the new LEDs is brighter. But we do have a dimmable version which you can dim down to a lower level. The only thing you’ll have to make sure is that you have a compatible LED dimmer that works with it. We have a complete list of ones that work the best and will probably serve you well getting not only the color you want but the dim ability to make the light output a little more subdued.

How can we help you today?
If you want to know more about how to apply these LED linestra lights to your situation, you can call us or email us anytime, and we can talk about it. We have a lot of experience with people who have implemented these various types of grow lights and have some excellent ideas for how best to use them.
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