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LED Flat Panel Slip Fitter Mount Light Fixture

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LED flat panel slip fitter mount light fixture for security and all types of outdoor lighting. This can be used on an existing pole or pipe tenon. If you're going to build new, then up your investment now and reap the benefit's of lower maintenance costs and lamp replacement in the future. It's completely sealed so water can get in and neither can the bugs. It's a perfect solution for a low maintenance product that should be trouble-free for many years to come. It provides adequate light for parking lots, secure areas and can be wall mounted as well. What makes this such a great light fixture is that you can use it easily wherever you have a tenon top adapter or bullhorn. It makes it easy to mount an all you need to do is connected electrically and you're done. Of course you have many choices of light output, and they replace higher wattage HID light fixtures saving you a lot of energy while still maintaining excellent light levels. The color temperatures 5000K which is similar to noontime daylight and the preferred kind of light that most people want to see at night. It does very well with color and people generally say that it is a brighter light than some of the other callers that have been available in the past. With it's 50,000 hour rating, it will give you many years of reliable service with no maintenance required. The dark bronze finished will work with almost any pole you may have as many are also the dark bronze color. It's a specification grade light fixture and we'll give you good cross over of light if you have several of these on a pole or an adjacent to each other. People often ask us about the mounting on this and the only thing you really need to know is that this slips over the top of a tenon that could be on a bullhorn type of mounting or something simply coming out from a wall at 90 degrees. That's why it's called a slip fitter, and it's easy to install once you have the wires going up to any existing tenon, make your connection and it slips over the top of that and secures with screws. For those of you who have existing bullhorn mountings of light fixtures, this is an easy change and this is often used in parking lot lighting. Any kind of security area typically has this when they have multiple heads on the top of the light pole. You can replace up to a 1000 watt HID light fixture and still maintain the same amount of light. You're going to save all that energy and of course it depends on which wattage you choose in LED to do that replacement, in this case it would be the 300 watt. It comes with a five-year warranty so you're going to be protected from any early failure due to defects. The polycarbonate lens is unbreakable and it will ensure that the LEDs are protected for many years to come. The bronze powder coat finish will keep this looking great against many years of weathering and sunshine. This is even DLC listed for projects that have utility rebates for changing to something more energy-efficient. The distribution is even and will work well when you have these at determined intervals for good lighting. If you're unsure of how many of these you need for your situation, we can help you with that with some calculations and give you a good idea how your area outside will be lit.

Product features:
- Phillips LUMILED LUXEON 3030 LEDs.
- Color Temperature: 5000K.
- 50,000 hours.
- 81 CRI
- 80 watt replaces 250w MH.
- 100 watt replaces 400w MH.
- 150 watt replaces 600w MH.
- 220 watt replaces 750w MH.
- 300 watt replaces 1000w MH.
- Slip fitter mount.
- Bronze color housing.
- Beam Angle: 120 X 90.
- Dark bronze finish.
- Power Factor: > 97%.
- Luminous Efficiency: 100 Lumens/Watt.
- CRI: 81+.
- 50,000+ Hour LED Life Expectancy.
- IP65 (NEMA 4X) Dust Water Tight.
- Die Cast Aluminum Housing with Integral Cooling Fin.
- Superior Architectural Bronze Powder Coat Finish.
- Polycarbonate Lens.
- stainless Steel Hardware.
- Waterproof Durable Silicone Rubber Gaskets.
- Quad Voltage (120/208/240/277V).
- cULus Listed for Wet Locations.
- DLC Listed.
- 5-year Warranty.

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