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LED 9 watt Plug and Play Retrofit Light Bulbs
LED plug-in light bulbs are used in special light bulb sockets making them a direct replacement of CFL light bulbs.

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LED 9 watt plug and play retrofit light bulbs with 4-pin and choice of color are an LED source, but look like original CFL's. These operate on electronic instant start CFL ballasts, so there's no need to rewire the light fixture. They have four pins, two on either side of the plastic end securely holding the lamp in the socket. These plug-in LED's can be used in recessed lighting, general lighting, security, exit sign and a variety of other applications.

Product features:
- 9 watts.
- Operates on existing CFL electronic instant start ballast.
- Choice of light color.
- 900 lumens.
- 50,000 hours.
- 4 pins.
- G24Q base.

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