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LED 2x4 Crown Molding Surface Mount Lighting Fixture - 32 Watt - 5000K

LED 2X4 crown molding lighting fixture - 32 watt - 5000K
Price Each: $247.75
Item Number: BLF81760
LED 2x4 crown molding surface lighting fixture 5000K will create a broad area of lighting in decorative lightinging situations. It's been the popular choice for kitchen lightinging in homes but could be used in many applications that need that extra decorative element. You can mount these on almost any surface, making it one of the most flexible lighting sources to cover a myriad of lightinging needs. These provide a selection of watts and lighting color to create the best illumination for your interior space. It operates on 120 / 277 volt which automatically senses the voltage you have and works properly. The crown molding is made of real wood and is painted white so it will go with almost any interior. You can paint it if you like to match something that you have that may be different. The LED array is dimmable with 0-10 volt dimmers or lightinging controls that product that signal. It also comes in various wattages to fit the lighting output you want for the space you have.

Product features & specifications:
- 32 watt
- 3450 lumens.
- 5000K lighting color.
- 0-10 volt dimming.
- Crown molding.
- 120 / 277 volt.
- 50,000 hours.
- White lens.
- White molding.
- 3.75 inch depth.
- Dimension: 48.875" x 16.75" x 4.125"
- 5-year warranty.
- Made in the USA.

General information.
At, we want you to have the best quality LED 2x4 crown molding lighting fixtures for any commercial or home lightinging possible. That’s why we carry many types of ceiling mount lightings that are made in the USA. The build quality of these crown molding lighting fixtures is better than the imports, and we have a price that’s very competitive with all of those. There’s never been a better time to upgrade your lightinging to something that is not only going to give you excellent illumination but also going to provide you with the least amount of energy use possible.

Saving money is nice.
One of the primary considerations in new lightinging is energy savings and how much you can save in real dollars having a good payback for your investment. There’s never been a better time to consider going to something that’s more energy-efficient in ceiling lightings because there are so many choices that will accomplish that energy reduction while getting something that looks a little bit better. That’s why we call these lightinging retrofits or a lightinging upgrade. If you’re unsure as to how much money you can save, we have a simple lightinging payback spreadsheet that you can download from the left-hand column of our website. All you have to do is input your existing data for the troffer fixtures you may have now, comparing them to the new system with less wattage draw. Not only do we have a figure in there for energy savings but it will also calculate the payback, the time it takes to recoup your investment through energy savings.

Good lightinging is so important.
Now that we talked about energy efficiency, it’s time to talk about proper lightinging. We often say that if you save all the energy in the world, but the lightinging job turns out poor, you haven’t saved anything. Whatever you saved in energy you may lose in productivity or sales if it’s a retail situation. So it’s important to get this done right the first time. We want you to have good lightinging while you’re saving a lot of energy. That’s the primary goal, and that’s what it’s all about. If you’re unsure about how many lighting fixtures you’ll need to get a good lightinging job done, you can give us some of the information about the room or rooms you’re trying to lighting, and we can do a sample layout that will provide you with the necessary lightinging for your situation. It’s an excellent way to make sure that what you’re doing is going to fit the task that you’re doing underneath the lighting as well as the general effect that it will have on the space.

Color makes the room.
Another consideration that people need to take into account when changing over to new lightinging is the color temperature. Sometimes people think it’s not that important then they will say that you can give me whatever you feel is best, but we don’t like to do that. It’s an individual choice whether you want something that’s going to have a warmer color appearance or something that’s going to be a cooler color. And a personal preference can reflect on how well an office functions. You want to make sure that people are pleased with the color of lighting if you don’t have that you’ll get people grumbling and may be using it as an excuse for not getting things done. Typically the warmer color is something around 3000K; cool white is about 4100K and daylighting is 5000K. Most people that use these in a home might be looking at something that would be the warm white color temperature because it works so well with different kinds of lightinging applications. A lot of businesses though prefer the 5000K daylighting color because it’s so good with black and white contrast, reading and visual acuity. These are all things that will help people be more productive, and that will assist in making that happen.

Choose from different lighting sources.
When choosing a LED 2x4 crown molding surface lighting fixture such as these, you have a choice of choosing between the 2x4, 2x2 or 1x4 lighting fixtures that will work in the space you have designated. The size of the actual fixture can make a difference especially if it’s going into something like a kitchen or a special place in your home, not necessarily something that’s being used in a commercial building. Also, keep in mind that there are a couple of different choices when you consider which type of LED source you want to use in your situation. There are the lighting fixtures that utilize LED tubes as opposed to the other kind which uses an integral LED. For many people, the LED T8 tubes are a good choice because it gives them the capability to change it later if they want to go to something that’s even more energy-efficient or change the color in the lighting fixture. Some people don’t want to have any more bulbs; they want to reduce their maintenance to zero for lightinging and have dimmable LED capability. Either way, these are easy to install and will round out any good energy reduction program.

How can we help you today?
Call us or email if you have any questions about these LED 2x4 crown molding surface lighting fixture or anything else you see on our website. We want to help you get the best lightinging possible, and we have many years of reliable expertise working with commercial and industrial customers, retail, home users, electricians and general contractors.
Item Number: BLF81760

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