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LED 24 Volt Under Cabinet Lighting Fixture
LED undercabinet light fixtures are installed underneath kitchen cabinets to provide task lighting for countertops and office workspaces.

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LED 24 volt under cabinet lighting fixture is an energy efficient light for situations that require 24 volt operation. This might include RV's, marine lighting and more types of light that might be running off a battery source or possible and unusual AC installation. The finished look makes it suitable for open display. You have several choices of length, watts and color for the light levels you need.

Product features:
- Voltage: 24 Volt.
- Choice of watts and length.
6" 1.8 watt - 168 lumens.
12" 3 watt - 280 lumens.
20" 5 watt - 490 lumens.
32" 8 watt - 640 lumens.
40" 11 watt - 880 lumens.
- Choice of 3000K or 6000K light color.
- Brushed aluminum finish.
- 2" inch width.

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